Sock Of Kindness Scarf

When we were visiting the city of Bergen in Norway, we discovered a little leather shop.  During our conversation with the shop lady who was knitting, I found that there was a yarn shop right around the corner.  I started working on this scarf recently from one of the yarns I got from that store.  I really like the mix of warm and cool colours in this yarn.

I found a sock pattern called Sock of Kindness on Flickr, and wanted to try that pattern out on a scarf.  I hate counting while knitting and I kept on making mistakes.  So I figured out a few short cuts with the help of my stitch markers.  Do you like my Doctor Who stitch markers?  Caroline, who is also an avid knitter, made them for me.  She got me into knitting combinations further than knit and purl!

Rick Rack Stitch Scarf Blocked

My husband and I are very sensitive to wool, so I have to stick to acrylic yarn most of the time.  Sometimes, however, we get lucky and I can pick up wool yarn that works for us.  I got this yarn  from that same store in Bergen and made this scarf for my husband.  I recently got these Crochet Dude blocking boards with grid marks on them and they are fantastic.  The grid marks came in very handy with blocking the scarf uniformly.  I know I went overboard with the pins, just like I do when I am basting quilts.

Rick Rack Stitch Scarf

I used the Rick Rack knitting stitch for this scarf.  There are really good Youtube videos for this stitch, here’s one by iknitwithcatfur if you are interested.   The yarn I used is a sock yarn so I knitted this scarf using a 4.00mm (US 6) knitting needle and 49 stitches.  I love the old school look of this finished scarf and it will go very well with the new light grey overcoat I got him early this year.
Wool On Sundays

My very talented friend Janine has been hosting Wool On Sundays for a while now.  I have been working steadily toward linking up to her yarn-work linky party and finally I can.  If you haven’t already, take a look at her blog.  She works with a myriad media and excels at everything she touches.  Not to mention that I think she is a fantastic writer!!

I think I’ll go knit some more.  Wishing you have a good Sunday and a great start to the week!