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Welcome to June’s Wandering Camera linky party. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your photos.  I love photography, so it’s a lot of fun to see and read about what everyone sees through the lens.

In my attempt to be outside and continue to take photos, I had to make a change in May.  I am not a morning person, so asking me to get up at 5:15 AM regularly will likely result in a disaster of some sort.  However, with the approaching summer it is getting too hot for me to be outside in the afternoon.  So I am up before dawn to go to the park for running at daybreak.  I may moan and groan to get out of the bed, but one look at the misty landscape around me with the Sun trying to break through the night’s cloud layer brings a big smile on my face.  Every time!!

However, just as I was starting to get used to going out in the mornings, I had to put a skidding halt to it during the last week of May.  I am taking care of a kitty post-surgery (not Montague).  So, photos had to be taken mostly around the house during those days.

Hope you enjoy this month’s collection of photos.  They are, as usual, in chronological order.


Photo Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


1. Mustard flowers

2. Peacock stationery from Florence, collected during my first-ever overseas trip

3. I love Magnolia flowers, the petals are so fragrant

4. Balloons overhead


Photo Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


5. Sunrise through dark clouds

6. The only glimpse of the pink setting Sun during the whole day

7. Raindrops on grass – looks more like an alien sea-creature

8. Star Thistle is not nearly as pretty as Cotton Thistle, but I still love the colour


Photo Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


9. A glimpse of red

10. Kitty paws are cute, huge tufted Maine Coon paws are even cuter

11. It’s starting to turn yellow and brown around here

12. Misty morning


Photo Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


13. 18-year-old whisky, may all Friday the13ths be this good

14. Red-winged blackbirds by the river

15. River trail, lined with mustard blooms

16. Green Teasel, I had only spotted the dried ones until now


Photo Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


17. Knitted sweaters doubling as kitty bed for Charlie

18. Hot air balloon catching the first ray of sunlight

19. Rising sun lighting up the misty grounds

20. Homemade soap at last


Photo Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


21. Blissfully sunbathing, unaware of the upcoming surgery

22. I love red in nature

23. And yellow flowers

24. Lovely jasmines


Photo Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


25. Time for travel planning

26. New Zinnia

27. Comforting – warm colours and they remind me of my grandmother

28. One of these is unlike the others


Photo Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


29. “Are you done yet? I would like to close my eyes!!”  I love those blue eyes!

30. Too hot to be outside, so playing with paint inside

31.  Addicted to thyme, it’s human catnip for me!


Squares And Plus Quilt | Whims And Fancies


Apparently all the yellows and reds from this month’s photos seeped into other things.  I had wanted to make this quilt in a completely different colourway.  However, the urge of using red and yellow was too strong, so I gave in at the end.  Funny how sometimes your surroundings affect your creative mood so much!


Shutter Speed

I had mentioned in last month’s post that a well-exposed photo is a combination of three settings – ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. I covered the topic of ISO in March and Aperture in May.  Lets talk about the last factor – Shutter Speed.


Setting Shutter Speed

You will need a camera with either M (Completely Manual) or Tv (Time Value Priority) mode to set the Shutter Speed manually. In M mode you can set both Aperture and Shutter speed yourself. In Tv mode you only get to set the shutter speed. Based on your setting, the camera sets the Aperture to get a well-exposed photo.


Amount Of Light

You probably already know this – More light equals faster shutter speed, much more conducive to taking any photo.  When there is less ambient light, you will have to keep the shutter open longer.  Taking a photo with longer shutter speed is usually much harder to do without a stand.


Still Vs. Moving Objects

Shutter speed becomes less important with still objects.  If you are taking a photo of a building or a mountain, you can leave the shutter open for a long time on a stand and not worry about blurring since neither object is moving.

With moving objects shutter speed becomes a bit more important.  The longer the shutter stays open, more blurry the moving object is going to be.  For example, when I was taking wildflower photos during windy days, I had to keep my shutter speed at least at 1/250 sec.   The moving flowers became too blurry otherwise.   You will notice that when you take photos of indoor events, people always end up being blurry.


Aperture, ISO And Shutter Speed

If you remember from my post about aperture, it determines the sharpness of the photos as well as the brightness.  Higher aperture gives you sharper photos but reduces light and vice versa.

In situations where you want sharp pictures AND your shutter speed is not fast enough, you will need to set your ISO to a higher number. That will enable you to set the aperture to a higher number while keeping a fast enough shutter speed to obtain a well-exposed photo.


A Little Trick

This one requires you to relax and needs a bit of practice.  if your shutter speed is still low even after setting the ISO and aperture, you can do this to take a halfway decent photo –

Relax your shoulder and arms and as you are breathing out slowly, press the shutter release button to take the picture.  I find myself being much more stable as I am breathing out. I sway too much when I try to hold my breath.   Of course this doesn’t work when the shutter speed is closer to a full second, but most times I can still manage to take a photo without a stand.


Image Stabilizer

A lot of point-and-shoot cameras and lenses come with image stabilization now-a-days.  This helps a lot with taking photos in low-light situations.  So if you are shopping for a camera or lens, you may want to keep that in mind.


Keep playing with your camera settings and you will see the difference.  Change the shutter speed around and take photos, note how the photos get darker and lighter.  As I said before, photography is very hands-on.  I hope this encourages you to experiment with the manual settings on your camera a little more.


Now it’s your turn to share your photo posts. I always look forward to seeing them. Every photo is special because it suspends a moment and everyone sees the world around us differently! So don’t compare and contrast, just have fun and see the world that only your eyes can see!


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Camera And Photography Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


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