Pencil Cases With Adjustable Flap – Tutorial

  Since we live on the Pacific coast, any overseas travel ends up being a very long affair.  First, it’s about a 5-hour flight coast to coast across the US, then crossing the Atlantic takes another 8+ hours depending on the destination.  I always pack in a sketchbook and pencils to keep myself occupied. It occurred to me that a small pencil case would be nice as a storage for.. Read More

Fabric Basket Tutorial For Perfect Corners

  I love Fair Isle knitting, but my knitting skills are currently not up to par to knit anything as fancy as that. So earlier this year I made a very quick Fair Isle star quilt pattern and made a block with that very shortly after. I wanted to make a fabric basket with it, but unfortunately it sat among a pile of orphan blocks until very recently. Making a.. Read More

Pencil Case Tutorial

  As a child, I used to live above my grandfather’s printing press and I used to get a lot of art supplies as gifts all the time.  I grew very fond of paper, pencils, markers, paint, glue, etc.  Even today, being surrounded by art supplies makes me happy.  Art supplies are like catnip for me!  The tradition continues and I recently got a ton of micron pens as a.. Read More