Hot Days Of Summer

  Taken with my cell shortly after dinner at a pho place   The outside temperature has been around 40C (104F) lately and I am determined not to expose myself even a little bit to the hot sun.  The quilts are all put away.  Even my quilt-addicted kitties are rolling up their mini quilts so they can sit on the cool, bare surfaces.  Yes, they bundle up their quilts with.. Read More

The Greekness

  Greek Alphabet pattern set on Etsy   To Hellenikon or Greekness – Herodotus used this to describe the shared sense of identity among ancient Greeks.  You can’t look at the history of every principle of study and not appreciate the enormity of the Greek civilization.  This Greekness is still very pervasive in a lot of the literature I read, studies I do. It was only natural that I would.. Read More

A Kitty Bed

I have quite a few patterns in the making.  In the meantime I am also working on my very first wood-working project. Got plywood, trims and legs from Home Depot.  Sanded them down, applied 3 coats of stain and 2 coats of gloss varnish on them.  Next step is to glue the trims on.

Taffy’s Personal Blankets

Taffy usually cuddles with me majority of the day, but sometimes he loves to snuggle at his favorite spots on a blanket.  The other kitties are not nearly as fond of specific spots or blankets like he is.  So I made him two personal blankets.  One with his first name, Tuffleberry and the other with his last name, Treestone. He sleeps on my pillow at night, but sometimes he needs.. Read More