Pencil Case And Index Card Drawings

  Viking Penguin Olaf pattern on  Etsy   Last year I was working on the icad or index-card-a-day project where I painted one index card per day over the span of two months, totalling 60 cards.  During that time I purchased some loose colour pencils.  I had been wanting to draw a little penguin quilt pattern in Viking costume for ages, so I decided I would make that block for.. Read More

Pinwheel Vanes For Montague

  Pinwheel Vanes pattern on Etsy   One of my sweet kitties is going to spend all of next week at the UC Davis hospital for treatment.  After he comes home, he is to spend nights alone in a separate room for another two weeks.  He loves to sleep with us on the bed, so he will be a bit lonely. He is also very fond of quilts.  This is the.. Read More

Pattern Writing Series – Paper Piecing

Before I start talking about anything else, I want to thank everyone for linking up on Wandering Camera and leaving such wonderful comments.  It was a great start to the monthly linky party and I really appreciate it. As you know, I love making pictures into quilts.  The design ideas come from all aspects of my life.  For example, I started making the music instruments patterns with this violin because.. Read More

Viking Penguin Olaf, Paintings And Eclipse

  Viking Penguin Olaf pattern on Etsy   I have had this idea of creating another penguin quilt pattern for months now.  I recently got a set of loose colour pencils and I desperately need to make a new pencil case.  That provided a perfect excuse to draw my little Viking Penguin Olaf.   Viking helmets didn’t really have those horns, but Olaf insisted that I put horns on his helmet.  Although.. Read More