Behind Blue Eyes

  Star patterns in my Shop   I will start with a little background story to this quilt.  A few years ago while I was volunteering at a shelter, Mr. Montague Wilberforce joined our little band.  At the time he was a sick, stressed-out, untrusting, biting middle-aged man.  However, over months of care and a lot of patience, he became a healthy, relaxed and loving gentleman who now purrs all the time… Read More

Rainy Day WIPs

Although I have a large finish to show, I couldn’t take it outside to take photos.  It has been raining very hard here, a much-needed respite for our drought-stricken California.  I was going to clean house over the weekend, but that would have been such a waste of the perfectly wonderful rainy days.  So I spent the time working on these knitting and quilting projects instead, while watching the rain.. Read More

Spring Kites – Quilt Pattern

  Spring Kites pattern on Etsy   The bright colours and carefree nature of kites make me happy.   If you could hold on to the tail of a kite and it carried you away, you would never know where you would end up landing.  If you had two kites, you could bring your best friend along too!  So I designed the Spring Kites quilt to reflect my day dreams of.. Read More

Piano Trio Wall Hanging

  Musical Instruments patterns in my shop   I love playing my violin and my piano. That is what inspired my music instrument patterns. Originally I only wanted to make a violin wall hanging but it kind of snowballed from there and I have been making music instruments quilt patterns ever since. This wall hanging is still my most favorite because I connect with these instruments so personally.    .. Read More