The Greekness

  Greek Alphabet pattern set on Etsy   To Hellenikon or Greekness – Herodotus used this to describe the shared sense of identity among ancient Greeks.  You can’t look at the history of every principle of study and not appreciate the enormity of the Greek civilization.  This Greekness is still very pervasive in a lot of the literature I read, studies I do. It was only natural that I would.. Read More

Charlie’s Adventure

    This is  Charlie.  Contrary to everyone’s belief, he has a sweet tooth that would rival anyone.  He would do anything to get a lick of ice-cream, watermelon, sweetened cream, or anything else sweet you can think of.   One day he learned that on All Hallows Eve,  if he puts on a wizard’s hat and a bow tie and sits very very quietly amongst the Jack-O-Lanterns, magic leaves.. Read More

Sunday Puttering

    The Sun is deciding on a daily basis lately if it wants to show its face or not.  Today is cloudy – it won’t rain but it is keeping it cool around here.   My favourite kitchen store is now at least an hour away from our new place instead of fifteen minutes away as it was in the city.  Since we decided to make a day of it.. Read More

I Am Still Dazed

I was running errands yesterday when I came home and saw emails from my friends in my mailbox about the Pantone Quilt Challange.  I was completely clueless as I went through the emails that talked about my having won.  Right after that I saw the wonderful email from Anne telling me that I not only won but got first place!! I made the quilt for my little kitty cat and.. Read More