Yosemite And I

  Last weekend of October I had an opportunity to visit my favourite place – Yosemite National Park.  I am fortunate enough to live “only” 4.5 hours away from it.  That is considered close proximity in California.  I take advantage of that and try to go there multiple times a year.  Because of that, quite often I get to hear “Yosemite again??  What’s there to see so many times!” The.. Read More

Essence Of Autumn

   We have been having such a wonderful October here that I have been having the time of my life with my camera.  Weekend before last, we had a fantastic storm with heavy gusts of wind.  I was painting in my room at the time, but finally I just had to bundle up in warm clothing, put my Wellies on and head out with an umbrella.   Leaves swaying heavily.. Read More

It’s All In The Clouds

It was really overcast a couple of days ago.  For some strange reason, the cloudy, cool weather gave me a huge urge to bake.  I gave in and became a mad baking lady.   I kicked off the baking session with these easy scones.  We treated ourselves to a couple of warm ones that afternoon with butter and jam.   I sometimes like to eat them with just butter and sprinkled sugar… Read More