Aran Star Pillow

  Aran Star pattern on Etsy   I am more than a little smitten by the intricate cable designs of Aran knitting.  Needless to say, I had to design an Aran Star as part of my knitting star quilt pattern set.  This was the first block I made with that background fabric and all was well.  Then I made the Fair Isle star block with the same background fabric, but.. Read More

Fair Isle Star Pillow And Drawing Cards

  Fair Isle Star pattern on Etsy   Last year, during my attempt to learn a little about the history of knitting, I designed a few star quilt patterns that were inspired by traditional knitting patterns.  I had picked up a set of Grandma’s House fat quarters earlier, which I used to make these stars for a mini quilt.  Unfortunately, once I finished making this block, I realised that I.. Read More

Behind Blue Eyes

  Star patterns in my Shop   I will start with a little background story to this quilt.  A few years ago while I was volunteering at a shelter, Mr. Montague Wilberforce joined our little band.  At the time he was a sick, stressed-out, untrusting, biting middle-aged man.  However, over months of care and a lot of patience, he became a healthy, relaxed and loving gentleman who now purrs all the time… Read More

Aran And Fair Isle Stars

  Aran Star pattern on Etsy   While browsing knitting patterns and attempting to learn about the history of knitting, I came across Aran knitting.  I find the cable designs of Aran knitting to be incredibly intricate and beautiful.  This is my Aran star – possibly my most favourite star among knitting star quilt blocks.   The diamonds and the lines between them in this star are very much inspired by Aran.. Read More