A Long Holiday

Various reasons called for a long holiday this year and I obliged.  For me that typically means going into hibernation, at home or sometimes elsewhere on a trip.  These getaway trips would be completely impossible for us without our fabulous pet sitter, Nanci.  She not only takes care of the basic necessities of our kitties, she also spends time with them and reads aloud to them.  She even warmed her.. Read More

It’s All In The Clouds

It was really overcast a couple of days ago.  For some strange reason, the cloudy, cool weather gave me a huge urge to bake.  I gave in and became a mad baking lady.   I kicked off the baking session with these easy scones.  We treated ourselves to a couple of warm ones that afternoon with butter and jam.   I sometimes like to eat them with just butter and sprinkled sugar… Read More

Simple Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

I have been working steadily on the Wonky Castle blocks this week.  While working on those blocks today, I needed a little break and I thought it would be nice to share my favorite bread recipe with you.  Couple of years ago, I wanted to give bread-making a try.  I started looking for an easy, no-fuss bread recipe on the web and came across this one – Simple Whole Wheat.. Read More