Make Art

  Quill Pen pattern on Etsy   I love to play with many things, and it all starts with sketching a concept.  Even with all the electronic devices available at my fingertips, ink, pen and paper are still my favourite tools, and not just for painting.  When I am playing a musical instrument, I quite often scribble on my sheet music too.  I have a very difficult time passing up.. Read More

A Different Kind Of Reminder

  Bear Cub pattern on Etsy   Few years back we contemplated moving away from California, but I just could not make myself do it.  Despite being aware of the risks of earthquakes, I still want to continue living here.  Then a big earthquake came last weekend in the middle of the night right where we live and gave us a strong jolt.  I cope best by drowning myself in.. Read More

Bear Cub

  Bear Cub pattern on Etsy   California has been home to us for the last 13 years and I fall in love with her more with every passing day.  I had to make something that represents spring in California.  Wildflower season here is brilliant but brief. My first idea was to make a California Poppy.   Then I remembered how we have to be ever so careful while driving.. Read More