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This Wandering Camera started with an innocuous conversation that turned into a morning excursion.  A few weeks back, my husband and I went to get haircuts during a cold and wet morning.  The lady who cuts my hair is usually very quiet.  However, the weather outside got us talking about Muir Woods.  She had visited Muir Woods recently after a rainstorm and loved how the forest transformed into a wet and misty place.



Muir Woods | Whims And Fancies



I am one of those few people who love winter.  When we lived in southern California, we used to come up to San Francisco during the winter months to enjoy the crisp and cold, wet and windy weather, often visiting Muir Woods as well.  Sadly, even though we live so much closer to it now, we haven’t gone there once since we moved up here to northern California.  After having that chat with her though, it was inevitable that we visit.



Muir Woods | Whims And Fancies



I would have loved to photograph the forest after the rain, but I happily settled for an early morning cloud layer before the sun broke through it.  Muir Woods is about a 70-mile drive from our place.  So, to get an early start, we woke up while it was still dark outside.



Muir Woods | Whims And Fancies



The place was exactly as we remembered it.  I even recognised a couple of the mighty coastal redwood trees by the markings on their trunks from our visits all those years ago.



Muir Woods | Whims And Fancies



Even though the redwoods dominate this landscape, we saw many other plants growing in the forest under the shade of the tall trees.



Muir Woods | Whims And Fancies



After a couple of hours, the sun was high enough to come through the forest foliage.  Only a few rays could penetrate the thick canopy of leaves high above us.



Muir Woods | Whims And Fancies



I love how dramatic the fall leaves look against the dark background of the redwood trees.



Muir Woods | Whims And Fancies



As the sun continued to rise, some of the early morning magic started to dissipate, so we decided to head back.



Downpour Rain Painting | Whims And Fancies

Downpour – a marker and colour-pencils drawing


Although we didn’t get to walk in the rain, it was still wonderful to visit the forest.  We had a fabulous downpour last week and it is continuing into this week.  Both my husband and I love to walk in rain and snow, they make us ecstatically happy.  We will be revisiting Muir Woods very soon, this time hopefully wearing our wet-weather clothing.


I will be going into my winter hiatus soon to enjoy my favourite season, so there won’t be a Wandering Camera next month.  We will resume again in January.


Thank you for sharing your photos and stories too.  I love reading them!   All photography and creative themed posts are welcome.



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Autumn Forest Trees Painted With FW Acrylic Inks | Whims And Fancies



I want to share with you a full burst of colour and happiness, if I may.  For the moment, I have had enough of being an adult.  By late last week, I was going mad with all the news everywhere.  So, I decided to disappear into made-up worlds.  I was searching for the ultimate escape within them.




Lego Harry Potter Quilt | Whims And Fancies


Playing In The Rain


I tried to continue with the everyday, but found it too tiresome.  I made this Lego Harry Potter quilt specially for a little extra comfort on these kinds of days.  This time, I wanted to hide under it forever.



Fantastic Beasts Lego | Whims And Fancies



Hiding forever does not work, of course.  I played with the new Lego that had arrived at my doorstep earlier that day.  Lego brings to mind the thought of ultimate childhood and innocence.  In the story these two characters have a special love that made me think of my cats.



My Orange Cat | Whims And Fancies



We worked together quietly into late hours, listening to our favourite music.  His presence cheers me up and his purr calms me, which in turn helps me concentrate.



Red Umbrella Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies



With Artist Paintbox finished ( pattern can be found on Etsy ), I worked on the red umbrella quilt pattern.   Rain makes me happy.  I learned the other day that I am a pluviophile.  I like that there is a word for people like us.  Since we are still in the midst of a long drought, I work rain into my creative world.



Autumn Forest Trees Painted With FW Acrylic Inks | Whims And Fancies



My husband stepped out to the local art store and got inks for me to play with.



Autumn Forest Trees Painted With FW Acrylic Inks | Whims And Fancies



Play with ink I did.  The FW acrylic inks are gorgeous.  With their help, I painted a forest full of happy trees.



Autumn Forest Trees Painted With FW Acrylic Inks | Whims And Fancies



I continued to sculpt and create trees over many hours while listening to an old favourite — Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone read in the comforting voice of Stephen Fry.  I love forests full of wonderfully old trees.  In my made-up world, the forest gets splashes of beautiful rain, trees continue to grow to hide the critters from the dangers of the world, so they can continue to play in the soft, filtered sunlight and mist that comes after the rain.




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