Fall Halloween Pillow

Last week I showed this pillow very briefly and I mentioned sharing more about it this week. It was a very last-minute project, so time was of the essence Aside from the time it took me to do the hand quilting, it took me almost no time to put this pillow together. I know you have plenty of scraps lying around and I hope to inspire you to make one for yourself once I show you how I made mine.

This pillowcase fits a 16″ pillow form. The top itself finishes at 16.5″ square. However, it will shrink a little because of the quilting. My finished case is 15.0″ all around, which makes it look nice and fluffy.

All seam allowances are 0.25″. I included measurements for all the pieces in the respective sections.

Black Cat Halloween Patchwork Quilted Pillow

I cut 14 times 2.5″ squares for the very top part. If you have mini charm packs, they work really well too.

2.5 Square Quilting Rular For Fussy Cutting

Since I was using my scraps, I used this 2.5″ square ruler to cut my square pieces. I used masking tape to cover 0.25″ on each side. That way I could see exactly what would show after I finished stitching the sides.

Once I had my squares, I joined two vertical pieces together for each column and then joined the columns to each other. That way I had to line up only the one point in the middle of each set of four squares.

The final measurement of that piece is 4.5″ x 14.5″.

Next, I cut a 1.75” x 14.5” piece of the border fabric and stitched it to the strip made of the finished squares. This is a very scrappy pillow, so I used the same piece of fabric as I used for the border to add a little coherence to the whole piece. I also chose a solid fabric for the same reason.

Black Cat Halloween Patchwork Quilted Pillow

The middle scrappy stripe was next. For this one, I took any scrap that was at least 3″ in length and sewed it at random width to the next scrap until the whole strip was 14.5″ inches long. Then I trimmed the whole strip to be 2.75″ wide.

Black Cat Halloween Patchwork Quilted Pillow

The final measurement of this piece is 2.75″ x 14.5″. I stitched this piece to the first finished piece made of the squares and the solid strip.

Black Cat Halloween Patchwork Quilted Pillow

To balance out all the scraps at the top, I used an uncut piece of fabric for the following part. You can use anything you like for here – an unused embroidered piece, a section of your favourite fabric, etc.

The measurement of this uncut piece is 6.5″ x 14.5″. I stitched this uncut piece to the first two pieces.

All the pieces put together made a 14.5″ square.

Black Cat Halloween Patchwork Quilted Pillow

I wanted the patchwork part of the pillow to take up as much space as possible, so I sewed a very narrow 1.0″ border around it.

I cut two 1.5″ x 14.5″ pieces of the border fabric and stitched them on each side of the finished 14.5″ square. After that I sewed a 1.5″ x 16.5″ piece of the border fabric on the top and bottom.

The finished piece with the borders was a 16.5″ square.

Note – If you want the pillow case to be a little loose, then you might want to cut the border strips to be 2.0″ instead of 1.5″.

I hand quilted all the patchwork areas including the bottom panel. I really wanted the quilting to stand out, so I used ecru DMC Perle to quilt large stitches. I outlined the squares and quilted a bunting shape for the middle scrappy part.

Black Cat Halloween Patchwork Quilted Pillow

My most favourite part is the quilting on the bottom piece. I drew the leaves and the path of the wind freehand with water soluble marker and quilted using that as a guide.

Once all the hand quilting was done, I used my walking foot to quilt the middle solid piece by sewing two intersecting curving lines.

Black Cat Halloween Patchwork Quilted Pillow

Finally, I went around the border and free motion quilted tiny leaves joined by curved lines. Since I don’t usually FMQ, quilting those leaves in that tiny area was not that easy for me!

This really was a last-minute quick finish for the Black Cat Crossing blog hop. Keeping time in mind, I decided to finish this pillow with an envelope back rather than investing any more time on a zippered back. I also thought of adding a binding, but then discarded the idea because it looked too busy. The narrow border already looks like pseudo-binding.

Black Cat Halloween Patchwork Quilted Pillow

I can see myself making more seasonal pillows with this design. I can even match the quilting on the feature fabric at the bottom with the seasonal theme. There are so many possibilities!

Happy Sewing,