Homemade Kitty Bed

Finished Kitty Bed made at home

Finished bed with Tuffleberry Treestone on it!

I started working on making this bed for my kitties in July and finally finished it last week with the help of my husband.

A cat bed in the making

Staining the wood on the dining table.

It was my very first wood project and I learned a lot from it –

  • I am going to buy an electric sander before my next project.  Sanding wood by hand is good workout, but the body aches all over the next day.
  • I also learned that varnishing requires very little amount on the brush, almost like dry brushing.  Otherwise you will have blobs of varnish stuck to the bottom of the wood.  So I had to sand those down again before applying the next coat.
  • Wood glue is good to keep trims in place, but we ended up using screws to secure them because they kept coming off, probably because of the varnish.
  • I also spray painted the brackets that we used to attach the legs to the bed.

Charlie on the homemade kitty bed

Charlie jumped on the bed within a couple of minutes of making the bed. Success!!

It was a really fun project and I might actually make another one for them.  If anyone is interested in the the details, please let me know.


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Paper Pieced Blog Hop Halloween 2012


Soaps Ahoy!!

Soaps made on 27th of August, 2012

Picture of my soaps right after they came out of the molds.  They will darken over time.  I will also trim the side once they harden a little bit more.

My little kitchen has been busy lately, soaps, bread, lunch, dinner… you name it!  Usually soap-making is a breeze for me, but this time I had so many roadblocks.  First I forgot that I usually make the lye solution a day earlier.  Fine, I decide to make the soap after dinner, by that time the lye solution would cool down to room temperature.

Then I go to measure the oils, and I find out that I am out of lard.  The packet, which I thought was full, had only a little bit left in it.  So my husband runs out to get me some, but it was just too late by then.

So I made it Monday and all went well!  I used up couple of my essential oils which I use to scent the soaps.  Then when on Tuesday I went to remove the soaps from my closet where they were left for the saponification process, I found one of my oldest molds had cracked and fallen apart.  Luckily, it happened after the soap was formed, so I didn’t have much to clean.

Cracked mold

Picture of the cracked mold.  I was able to save the soap.

My closet was smelling amazing from all the essential oils!

I keep the soaps in their molds in the freezer for 24 hours, that way they pop out of the molds very easily.  Then they cure for 6-8 weeks.  Longer you keep them, more lather you get.

This batch of soap was made with Cedar Saffron, Christmas Forest and a combination of Orange and Lemon oils.  I love them!  I am going to order some new oils and colors next month and start playing with those.  I haven’t added colors until now, so that will be a new experience.


Don’t forget the upcoming Halloween Paper Pieced Blog Hop! If you are a designer, I would love for you to sign up!  If you are new and want to give designing paper piecing a try, you are most welcome to join!

Paper Pieced Blog Hop Halloween 2012


Glorious Autumn Block Party!!

Glorious Autumn Block Party and Super Deals for Quilters

Temperatures have started cooling down, even here in Southern California.  We are finally out of the 100+ F weather.  There’s a little chill in the air in the mornings and after sundown.  We were in a little town called Montrose last night, and they were showing Back To The Future in a parking lot.  It was teeming with people.  Some of us stayed for a few scenes, some sat down to enjoy the whole movie.  As temperatures come down, more people are coming outside, to eat out, visit little bookstores or just hang out with friends.  I couldn’t help but feel that fall is approaching, with it’s glorious warm colors to make up for the chill in the air.

Michele at Quilting Gallery is hosting  the perfect blog hop to celebrate the wonderful colors of autumn – Glorious Autumn Block Party.  This blog hop is running from September 4th through December 13th. There will be 45 quilt blocks made by 45 designers – lots of ideas, talent, inspiration.  There will be Super Deals For Quilters as well!

Please join us, it will be fantastic!  I already joined for November 14th, right after our Halloween Blog Hop, right here at Whims And Fancies.



Compass Needle – Quilt Pattern

Compass Needle - Paper Piecing Pattern

Compass Needle quilt pattern on  Etsy


I love reading maps. There is always a map in my travel bag along with a compass. I have never gotten lost with those two with me. I also use a compass to align my telescope to find the stars.  I bought this fabric years ago, it was perfect for this block.  Wish I had bought extra as I don’t have the manufacturer’s information any more.


Compass Neddle is a very easy beginner friendly Mariner’s Compass quilt pattern.  It can also can be used as a star quilt pattern.  The pattern is available on my Etsy stores.





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