Take 5 Quilt Basted

A risk I run when taking my husband to the fabric store with me is that I often come home with fabric for new quilting projects.  That’s how, a little over a year ago, I found myself working on this quilt top from the pattern Take 5 by Teacher’s Pet.  Both of us like the colors and the stripes balance out the flowers very nicely.

Charlie on Take 5

With my trusty helper Charlie, I had the top trimmed, backing pieced, batting cut and generally had the quilt ready to be basted.  However, I think I was really daunted by the queen size quilt, so the top remained untouched after the initial work.  Finally, last Friday I pulled everything out and basted it.  The basting went surprisingly well and so quickly that I started quilting right away.

Take 5 Quilting

I continued to quilt and finished late Saturday.  I was so tired of having that whole set of top-batting-backing staring at me every time I opened my fabric cabinet that I was desperate to finish it in one go.   In retrospect, that was not such a great idea because I had a horrible crick in the neck after that.

It was much easier than I expected though.  Although at times I was buried under the quilt, putting half of the quilt through the neck of the machine was not that difficult after all.  A very special thank you to my friend Janine for all the good advice she gave me a year ago.

Take 5 Quilted

I stitched straight lines on each side of the seams using my walking foot.  In some places, my machine was having trouble with the weight of the quilt and the stitch length got really small.  Redoing those stitches at a crawling speed kept the stitch length consistent.  After trimming the sides, I drew little squares on the large square blocks using a 4″ x 4″ square ruler.  I want to hand quilt the little squares and then the quilt will be ready for binding.  Now that I have finished the mammoth task of machine quilting it, I am looking forward to the hand quilting.

Happy Sewing,