LOTS Of Paintings And Sidewalk Cafes

ICAD 2015 - Element Picker | Whims And Fancies


Day 7 – Periodic Table

Derivative of Colour Picker – An Element Picker


Last year I got to know about icad – Index Card A Day – at Daisy Yellow, but it was toward the very end of the event.  So I decided to not bother joining it at the last moment.  This year, however, I was ready to jump start my drawing, which I had been missing very dearly.  Since the 1st of June I made a commitment to draw one index card per day.  This set is from my first week.



ICAD 2015 - Taxi | Whims And Fancies


Day 6 – Taxi

They need to go home too!



ICAD 2015 - Owl | Whims And Fancies


Day 5 – Owl

Want to play in the rain with me?



ICAD 2015 - Mailbox | Whims And Fancies


Day – 4 Mailbox

From the Edwardian Era, for one of my favourite authors, P. G. Wodehouse



ICAD 2015 - Map | Whims And Fancies


Day 3 – Map

Milky Way, in case you were going that way



ICAD 2015 - Carnival | Whims And Fancies


Day 2 – Carnival

The book Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury has haunted my dreams for a very long time, but no more.



ICAD 2015 - Chevron | Whims And Fancies


Day 1 – Chevron

I love to swim in the summer; sunlight reflecting off water is one my favourite sights.



The event runs until July 31st, that makes a total of 61 cards.  You can find out more about it at the Daisy Yellow website in case you are inclined to join in.  It should be a lot of fun for kids too.  I am really loving it so far and I am very happy with my progress.  I hope you enjoyed the little show and tell.  I will share more cards as I draw along.



Sidewalk Cafe Quilt Pattern for travel or coffee and tea lover | Whims And Fancies



I have one little sewing note to mention.  Since I love coffee and tea so much, cafe stops are a must for me while travelling.  Those are also the best places to try out local food and watch life happening around me.  That thought initiated the Sidewalk Cafe quilt pattern.  I made mine with British Motor Racing colours and used the address of my all-time favourite fictional detective as the name of the cafe.



Sidewalk Cafe Quilt Pattern for traveller or cafe and tea lover | Whims And Fancies



I had fun making these alternate versions.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make a cafe quilt block each for different places and make a table runner or a wall hanging?  I wish I had more time to create, don’t you?!!


Happy Crafting,



A Little Swap

Star Quilt Pattern Cross Body Bag | Whims And Fancies

As someone who loves to continuously create new things, I almost never get to remake a block that I have designed.  Even though I would love to make a few of them using different colours, I mostly move on to drawing new designs and making the new blocks instead.  That holds especially true for the star quilt patterns.  However, I recently got a chance to remake one.

When I made the coffee-themed cross-body bag earlier this year, Dixie really liked it.  She is a fantastic painter.  So I emailed her asking if she would swap a seascape painting for a bag.  She loves the colour blue.  I picked one of my favourite star patterns, Starlight Converging, and remade it in blue for her bag.  I added a starfish charm to the zipper since she loves the water so much.


Zippered Pencil Case | Whims And Fancies

I also made a pencil case for her.  I just had to pick up this sea horse charm for her, along with the starfish charm for the bag.


Seascape by Dixie from Arranged Words | Whims And Fancies

This is the painting Dixie made for me!  There are so many details in this painting, the photo just does not do it justice.  It really looks like I am viewing this little seascape under water.


Seascape painting by Dixie from Arragned Words | Whims And Fancies

Here’s a close up of the fish.  See the individual scales?!!  She added such beautiful details to every single piece of this painting.  I can’t wait to frame it tomorrow.

Dixie writes a lovely blog at Arranged Words where she shares photos, paintings and crafts.  I am so glad to have found a friend in her.




A Leafy Package

Maple Leaf Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Fall Maple Leaf pattern on Etsy


Last week we had a couple of nights with clear skies and they were moonless nights too.  Naturally, I spent the extra time I had outside with the telescope.  I am glad I did, because since then it has been too cloudy or hazy for stargazing.  Now I am back indoors again tending to my other interests.  The night sky reminded me of the little swap Kris and I did recently from this Maple Leaf quilt pattern I drafted around autumn.  We talked about doing the swap last year and decided on no due dates and therefore, no pressure.  We would mail it to each other whenever we finished.


I wanted to add a little touch of whimsy to the leaf I made for her, so I added some blue to the autumnal orange.  There is a little creek that flows through the park in downtown Sonoma.  In Autumn, lots of ducks play in it alongside the floating leaves.  Every time a duck puts its head in the water, a set of concentric circles ripples through the water.  That’s what gave me the idea of quilting her mini with concentric circles.



Raw Honey Yellow Fingerless Mitts | Whims And Fancies


Raw Honey Fingerless Mitts, Pattern by Alicia Plummer


I also made these yellow mittens for her.  I was a little worried about the sizing but she said they fit her “like a glove”.  I also had no idea when I made them that they would match her coat too!  She had a long winter this year, so I sent a her a little California sunshine in the form of yellow mitts.  Ironically, it was raining very hard here when I was knitting them for her!



Sherlock Holmes - Must Be The Truth Drawing



Kris has a wonderful teenage son and I had to include something in the package for him. We share a few common interests and Sherlock Holmes is among them. I mentioned before how much I love the famous detective. Although I love the current Sherlock series from BBC, Basil Rathbone will always be my Sherlock Holmes. I regularly watch the movies and listen to the radio dramas starring him and Nigel Bruce, I adore them. I kept on thinking about how to draw a Sherlock Holmes sketch. It had to be old-school but timeless, and this is what I came up with.


I got a photo via email from Kris with this drawing framed on the young man’s desk.  I was so overwhelmed with joy that I was speechless!



Maple Leaf Mini Quilt From Kris | Whims And Fancies



This is the beautiful leaf I got from Kris. I have no words to describe how much I love this little quilt. As I took the leaf out of the package, my husband exclaimed, “Wow! It’s so you!!” I could be that leaf floating through space.  She also included a bunch of spacy blue fabric, charm packs, fun crafty stuff and my most favourite – the typewriter pad. I usually use sepia-coloured ink in my fountain pen, very fitting for the typewriter notebook, don’t you think?!! This was such a lovely package she put together for me. It was a perfect, wonderful, impromptu swap!



Update – I got a few requests for the leaf pattern, it’s available on Etsy.



Sidewalk Cafe On Make Modern

Sidewalk Cafe Quilt Mugrug Pattern For Coffee | Whims And FanciesLate last year, I swore I would not digress and would concentrate on finishing my current projects.  Then I got an email from Kristy at Make Modern magazine.  I wrote back to her about my self-imposed restriction.  However, it is such a beautiful magazine and Kristy is so wonderful and understanding in her email replies, I kept on thinking about a quick project I could submit after all.

I consider myself more of a traveller than anything else.  One of my favourite things to do while travelling is to experience local food and watch life take place around me. I am also a tea and coffee addict, so cafe stops are a must for me.  Earlier I had made a preliminary sketch of this Sidewalk Cafe quilt pattern for the traveller and coffee lover in me.  I finished the design and presented it to Make Modern.  Now it is part of the March issue of Make Modern magazine along with full instructions for the mug rug and the templates to make the cafe quilt block.


Sidewalk Cafe Quilt Mugrug or Wall Hanging Pattern | Whims And Fancies

British motor racing green was what I was thinking of when I was choosing fabrics for this block.  I don’t even remember exactly when I started reading the Sherlock Holmes books as a child.  When I got ready to add the name of my sidewalk cafe, the street address of the world-famous detective’s residence was the first thing that came to my mind.  I used acrylic pencil and fabric medium to draw it.  Then I used a coffee swirl pattern to quilt the mini.  I can’t really decide if I want to use it as a mug rug or as a wall hanging.  Change out the fabrics and the names to make multiple blocks, then stitch them side by side to make a row of cafes – that would make a nice table runner too.


Stone Bridge Drawing | Whims And Fancies

I also often draw from the photos I take.  I really like to draw when my mind is in need of a little focus, and last weekend called for such an occasion.  I got lost in this stone bridge drawing for a little over two hours.  The drawing is still at a very early stage and it will probably take me another 4-5 such weekend sessions to finish drawing and inking this piece. Although I love doing my design work on the computer,  I enjoy the process of drawing on paper so much more.

Happy creating,