October Colours – Autumn Forest Walk


October is here.  Alongside mostly cooler days, I have spotted colour changes in the leaves here and there.  I will soon be out and about a LOT more with my camera and paintbrushes, capturing the quintessential autumnal colours and enjoying not only my favourite seasons, also my most favourite festival – Halloween!  After being homebound for close to six months during spring and summer due to severe allergies, I look forward to this every year with much excitement.

I have a few sewing projects to share with you that are made from my patterns –





The camera was made by Becky as a gift.


Kat made a bag for a secret Santa present using the Artist Paintbox pattern.






Halloween Witch Hat on Etsy



The first witch hat was made by Mary.  She used dot-to-dot quilting for it, which I found to be so unique.


The second one was made by PumpkinHollowQuilts.  She makes some of the best Halloween cross stitches and decorations.



They are all made from some of my favourite patterns, and I am delighted to be able to share them with you. 




 I made a Halloween-themed block from my Shattered Star pattern.  I earnestly meant to quilt this block by now.  Much to my chagrin, that is unfortunately not going to happen.  I am going to turn this into a pillow.





Most of my things are still in boxes while we wait for a few home improvements.  I did pack some of my drawing/painting supplies in a bag since I can pretty much sit anywhere and start to draw/paint.  The only thing that could distract me is the call of the outside.




Autumn Forest Walk on Etsy


The woods around here will very soon start to display the most amazing autumnal colours.   Mother Nature uses her Midas touch to transform the area into the most vibrant shades of gold and yellow.  Even painting that transports me to a different world. 




Autumn Forest Walk on Etsy


In the spirit of sharing some of my autumn dreams with you, Autumn Forest Walk is now available in my Etsy shop. It would be a lovely fall display and perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.  If you are a tree-hugger (in the most literal sense) like me, you would probably enjoy having it around all year long as I do.


To make things a little easier for the oncoming holiday season, I am doing free U.S. shipping on all of my paintings on Etsy.  I am also happy to combine shipping charges for multiple international orders.


Happy October!


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Whims And Fancies Is Moving


Summer Peaches Kitchen Art Print | Whims And Fancies



We are moving house tomorrow!  Still a lot to do, but I am as prepared as I can be at this moment.  Most of my atelier is packed up.   I am literally working out of a box right now.  In midst of packing boxes, I worked on creating a kitchen-themed print.  More on that in a bit. Lets just say peaches have opened up a whole new world for me.





I did sneak in a most spectacular camping trip somewhere in there.  More on that next week on this month’s Wandering Camera.





As I was packing away, I looked at my doll.   Because I was always more interested in books, pens, paint and paper, this is the only doll I ever had.  She was really more of a companion of an only child growing up in a house full of grown-ups.

I took some time off from packing yesterday. I gave her bushy hair a good wash and brushed it thoroughly.  Then I put her in an old autumn-coloured dress.  As I never got into sewing as a child, I was always glad when my grandmother or aunt would make her a new dress out of fabric remnants.  Only 3 of those dresses survived.  This is one of them.





30+ years later, I still haven’t stitched buttons on this dress.  Made me chuckle.  Almost everything has been packed away, but I found a package of book-binding needles on my desk, and a ball of yarn.   That is the full extent of my sewing this week.

Now she is ready for the move as well.




Penguins Quilt Pattern on Etsy


Back to packing again.  I dumped out my cabinets on the floor.  Some of these are new recruits, some I have had since I was a child, and some from in between those times.  Little Penguin Polaris and his other penguin friends are stowed away now too.



Summer Peaches Kitchen Art Print | Whims And Fancies



Now back to the peaches.  For the first time in my life, I tasted peaches that are not from a tin. Due to severe food allergies I can’t eat most fresh fruits or veggies. I still had to bake these, but I was so happy that I had to paint this.



Summer Peaches Kitchen Art Print | Whims And Fancies


Sweet Peaches On Etsy


I wanted to share the joy of my being able to eat proper fruit with you.  Sweet Peaches kitchen themed print is now available on my Etsy shop.  Won’t it make a wonderful gift for a baker or a gardener, or simply for your kitchen as a reminder of the summery fresh fruit fragrance?


See you next week on Wandering Camera!


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UPDATE Sep 25th – Unfortunately there won’t be a Wandering Camera linky party this month, next one will be again on Oct. 31st.  I will see you on Oct. 7th for the Witchy Stitchy blog hop hosted by Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt



Wandering Camera – Old York Street Light

Old York Street Light Painting On Etsy | Whims And Fancies


Old York Street Light On Etsy


Hello Everyone!  Welcome to this month’s Wandering Camera.  Before I continue with today’s post, I have something personal to share.  After looking for a house that we can call home for a very long time, my husband and I finally found one a couple of weekends ago.  All things are now set in motion and hopefully we will be moving by mid to late next month.





I took this photo when we went to see the house.  It has a beautiful backyard with very old Ash trees and a giant Redwood tree.





I am also working on a sewing project that I have had in my mind for a long time.  Carol at Just Let Me quilt is hosting  Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop for Halloween, and this will be just perfect for that.   Here is a sneak peek!



Old York Street Light Painting On Etsy | Whims And Fancies



I would love to have an old wrought iron street light placed somewhere in the new house.  I am very fond of them.




Gamla Stan In Stockholm


I love these lights hanging from the brick walls of pubs or cafes in old cities, welcoming people inside after a long countryside walk or to just relax a little by the fireside after travelling a long way.  They somehow fit in both urban decor and medieval decor with ease.



Old York Street Light Painting On Etsy | Whims And Fancies



Not surprising that I found myself painting one such street light hanging above a door.



Old York Street Light Painting On Etsy | Whims And Fancies



I enjoyed painting the weathered walls, specially the bricks.



Old York Street Light Painting On Etsy | Whims And Fancies


Old York Street Light On Etsy


York is such a lovely historic English city that both of us came up with the idea together of calling this painting Old York Street Light

This Yorkshire-inspired art print would be nice for anyone who loves England and Britain as well as people who love old European architecture prints.

I now have prints of this painting available on my Etsy shop.  I would love for you take a look.  As most of my artwork is travel-inspired, I am sure it would make a wonderful travel lover gift too.

This old street lights invokes thoughts of not just travelling, but also art, history, architecture and stories from medieval times.  This print would be lovely for a book lover – anyone who loves to travel through pages.  I can’t wait to hang this in the new house by my books.


Thank you for all the wonderful comments, and for sharing your photos with me. I love visiting you and reading a bit about your world, where you have been visiting and what you have been creating.


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Reviving Old Ones

Stained Glass Flower Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies



Over the past few weeks, I took stock of all the projects that are shoved inside my cabinets and shelves.  I was not the least bit surprised to find quite a few forgotten ones.  I love to play with new ideas. That of course comes at the cost of unfinished projects, no matter how much I despise having them around.  I picked some of them to be my current work-in-progress projects.



Victorian House Painting | Whims And Fancies



I don’t even remember when I started working on this Victorian house or why I abandoned it.  I found it quite by chance while looking for another painting.  The house that inspired this one is itself in a sad shape, just like this painting of mine.  I am now actively working on it, starting with adding a few magical elements to it.



Gothic Architecture Painting | Whims And Fancies



After painstakingly drawing out the architectural details, this Gothic building came to a stall as well.  I am glad I waited with this one though, because I have since changed my mind and now have a much clearer vision of how I want to proceed with it.  Can’t wait to see it take shape!



Stained Glass Flower Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Stained Glass Flowers patterns on Etsy


The Garden Path quilt.  I had the quilt layout design done long ago.  However, upon revisiting, I changed the flower distribution while keeping the original layout.  After a LOT of iterations, I am finally happy with it.  There is now a bit of symmetry amongst the asymmetry.  I also didn’t want the fabric combinations to repeat, that was part of the “puzzle” I had to solve as well.


Due to limited space, I don’t have a design wall.  I use my computer software all the time for layouts.  Plus, I like figuring out the layout first before I make the blocks, so I have a clear idea of how many of which I need to make.



Stained Glass Flower Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies



Stained Glass Flower Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies



My August goal was to finish at least a few of the blocks.  I am so glad to have finished four of them.  I will be joining One Monthly Goal, hosted by Patty at Elm Street Quilts.



Stained Glass Flower Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies



I got a 12″ cutting mat lately.  It is fantastic for trimming and cutting paper piecing fabrics.  I place it on my ironing board, which is usually placed perpendicular to my sewing machine.  This setting has been great for my back, since I can now just swivel my chair while sitting back on it properly.



Stained Glass Flower Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Stained Glass Flowers patterns on Etsy


These were the first four blocks that I made.  I am very happy to have finally started on this one again and I am already halfway through making all the blocks.  These are all 12″ flower patterns that I designed with stained glass motifs in mind.


I am considering both of the paintings and the Garden Path quilt as large projects.  I know I will soon get sidetracked by something new and small for instant gratification.  I just need to make sure I continue to come back to these. 

How about you?  Whether you paint, sew, or do other craft work, do you work on one project at a time, or do you find yourself working on a few small ones and then coming back to the large ones?


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