Soma Acharya

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Wandering Camera – Mono Lake Sunrise

  Hello everyone!  Welcome to this month’s Wandering Camera.  Today I would like to share a few more photos from our last camping trip.  Mono Lake in the eastern Sierra is a very special place.  Its fascinating geology lends to its beauty.  I was a novice photographer when I was there the last time during sunrise many years ago and that left an impression on me.  Now, years later, it.. Read More

Wandering Camera – Sunset Hour

  Welcome to October’s Wandering Camera!  I love October for many reasons, but this particular one is very special to me.  Twenty years ago, this east coast girl packed up on the last week of October and left for the west coast in pursuit of something she had read in a science fiction book.  I fell in love with the author’s description of California, and sight unseen I moved here. .. Read More

October Colours – Autumn Forest Walk

  October is here.  Alongside mostly cooler days, I have spotted colour changes in the leaves here and there.  I will soon be out and about a LOT more with my camera and paintbrushes, capturing the quintessential autumnal colours and enjoying not only my favourite seasons, also my most favourite festival – Halloween!  After being homebound for close to six months during spring and summer due to severe allergies, I.. Read More

Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop – The Witch Tree

  Welcome to the Witchy Stichy blog hop hosted by Carol.  We have very recently moved to a house which has some very old and very beautiful trees.  I think trees are quite magical.  Over the past couple of weeks, as I have been unpacking, I have been listening to them rustling in the wind and wondering what they are saying to each other, or perhaps whispering an idea of.. Read More