Bear Cub Quilt Pattern


Bear Cub pattern on Etsy


Few years back we contemplated moving away from California, but I just could not make myself do it.  Despite being aware of the risks of earthquakes, I still want to continue living here.  Then a big earthquake came last weekend in the middle of the night right where we live and gave us a strong jolt.  I cope best by drowning myself in work, so next morning I went into crisis mode and took care of everything methodically.  However, I was shaken up nonetheless.  Even though it still didn’t make me think of moving away, I needed a strong reminder of how much I love the parks and the land here.


I had been planning on showing this little bear cub made by Pam Brown this week and, strangely enough, the timing could not have been more perfect.  Talk about coincidence!  Pam made this wall hanging from my bear cub quilt pattern and entered it in the Sonoma County Fair.  This darling little bear cub was entered in the theme celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the California State Parks and Smokey The Bear.  Her bear won the 1st prize AND the Best of Section!!  How amazing is that!!


I told Pam that California Parks are very dear to me and I was thrilled to hear that she entered the bear cub in that theme.  I can’t thank her enough for emailing me and reminding me that even though nature shakes us hard now and then, it also offers us a lot of happiness every way it can.  The little bear cubs are part of my vivid memories of time spent in the California Parks.  I am looking forward once again to enjoying the California outdoors that I love so much!



Napa Earthquake 2014



We moved to this city earlier this year.  I am so thankful for the kindness of everyone around here, the unexpected visits from people who came to check on us and the emails from my online friends.   This was my sewing room after the quake.  The room is  put back to normal now and you would never know that the quake hit it this hard.  I am actually sitting right inside this room while typing up this post, slowly trying to focus and get back to normalcy.



Daffodil Quilt Pattern



I am not ready to sit at my sewing machine just yet.  I have a few designs and hand sewing projects that I can work on and this wall hanging is amongst them.  I still need to finish cleaning up the threads from the circles and then I need to hand sew the binding on it.


I am working on a custom pattern for an extremely brave group of people – the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)/Bomb Squd, such a special project!


Sew Cute Tuesday

One of the many things that made me smile this week was The Sew Cute Tuesday Link Up at Blossom Heart Quilts.  This is one of the first Linky Parties I joined and I am thrilled to be one of the guest hosts.  Make sure to drop by there to see my Rock Music quilt top and three of my picks from the last week’s link-ups.  I promise you will laugh out loud!!


Have a very safe week, everyone!