Kyanite Iris And Drawing Cards

Stained Glass Kyanite Iris Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Kyanite Iris pattern on Etsy

I joined the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2014 to share the story of a quilt I made for my kitty when he suddenly fell ill.  I was lucky enough to win which got me a very nice gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.  When I saw a set of Downton Abbey fat quarters, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with them – a stained glass flower quilt.  As I continued to draw the flowers, they started to look as if they were made of crystals.  I love to study geology; therefore I decided to name the flowers after my favourite minerals.  This is Kyanite Iris.  I love irises and I think kyanite is a very beautiful mineral.

I am very excited to finally start working on this quilt.  There are three more flowers in this set and I can’t wait to share them with you. 


Kyanite Iris a very easy 12″ flower quilt pattern, which is available on my Etsy shop.



While I continue to sew the flowers, I leave you with my next set of index card paintings –



Icad 2015 - Svalbard Painting | Whims And Fancies


Ta Vare Pa Svalbard = Take care of Svalbard


For me, the North will always be defined by Svalbard.  It is a frozen land of polar bears, devoid of trees, where glaciers and nature dominate over a small settlement of people.  I had the opportunity to visit Svalbard couple of years ago.  It was a fascinating experience and I loved it.  So I made a poster-style card for Svalbard.



Icad 2015 - Focusing through lens painting | Whims And Fancies


Focusing through the lens



Icad 2015 - Reading Painting | Whims And Fancies


This is my usual Saturday night.  My husband pointed out my apparently bad posture that I copied in the drawing :)



Icad 2015 - Summer 78 Painting | Whims And Fancies


Summer 78 by Yann Tiersen is one of my favourite pieces to play on the piano.  So I made an album cover for it.



Icad 2015 - My Hiking Boots Painting | Whims And Fancies


I really love to walk.  I never pack for a vacation without including my walking boots.



Icad 2015 - Northern Lights Painting | Whims And Fancies


Dancing Lights Of Aurora Borealis



Icad 2015 - James Bond Aston Martin Painting | Whims And Fancies


Black and White – Aston Martin



That’s all I have for today.  It has cooled down after the heat wave we had here recently and it started raining yesterday.  We are desperately hoping for more rain which will help our fire fighters immensely.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Until next time,




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