Wonky Castle Quilt Pattern - March

Since we are officially in Spring, we are visiting a countryside castle this month.  It’s situated on beautiful green ground and ready to be explored inside and outside.  If you are still having snow and gray days, hopefully this castle quilt pattern will cheer you up a little.  Enjoy!!

Download Wonky Castle – March on Craftsy

Wonky Castle Quilt Block for March

This 4″ x 4″ castle quilt block I made for my friends in the swap group this month is green, which was easy since I have a very nice stack of green fabric.  It will be interesting to see if I can find enough variety of greenish-yellow fabric for next month’s castle.

Links to castle quilt patterns from previous months –



Wonky Caslte Block Of The Month Paper Piecing Pattern Banner

Our Spring Fling blog hop starts tomorrow!  I am working with 19 other wonderful designers and needless to say I am so very excited!

Spring Fling Paper Piecing Blog Hop

See you tomorrow!!