Wonky Castle Block Of The Month – August

Wonky Castle Quilt Pattern - August

I was thinking about what else we can do around a castle in summer time and watching the sunset sky from a castle courtyard jumped to my mind.  Won’t it be nice to have a picnic on the grass while enjoying some live music!  I hope this Wonky Castle quilt pattern depicts the perfect lazy late afternoon for the occasion!

Download Wonky Castle – August on Craftsy

Wonky Castle Quilt Block for August

My 4″ x 4″ swap castle this month is done in red-orange.  I love the sky fabric in this one!  I am finally done with orange and it’s time to move on to red for the month of September.

Links to castle quilt patterns from previous months -








Wonky Caslte Block Of The Month Paper Piecing Pattern Banner

Happy Sewing!

12 Responses to Wonky Castle Block Of The Month – August

  1. Janine says:

    That looks a perfect place for a picnic and I love the sky fabrics in these blocks. They really create a sense of atmosphere :)

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Thank you, Janine! When I started making these castles, I went out and got some sky fabric specially for them :)


  2. I just printed this one to do today for Princes, when I finish I will share the photo……

  3. Oh Soma! I just love this one!!! Your castles are just spectacular!!! That sunset fabric is awesome! I can hear the music… XOXO

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Thanks, Ruth!! I really love that sunset fabric, I am going to use it for at least one more castle! By the way, I just finished drawing September’s pattern :)


  4. That fabric you chose makes the perfect sunset sky. Looks rather inviting. I’m up for a picnic ;)

    Having trouble with this comment, might be a duplicate.

  5. That fabric you chose makes the perfect sunset sky. Looks rather inviting. I’m up for a picnic ;)

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Thank you!! I really wanted to use that fabric for at least a couple of castles, finally managed to use it this month! I am getting excited thinking about picnic food :)


  6. Luz Galvan says:

    Gracias, uno más para la colección.
    Saludos desde México.

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