Winter Cottage House quilt pattern



We usually vacation in winter.  Last year, however, with a move over 400 miles and then dealing with a major earthquake, I didn’t have a chance to plan a vacation.  The mountains here are also very dry this year, not a speck of snow on them.  So we decided to stay home.



Winter Cottage House quilt pattern


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I love the outdoors and I love camping.  Weather permitting,  we camp most of the time when we visit the parks of California.  One year we went to Kings Canyon National Park and it was already too cold for camping.  We rented a cabin during that stay. 

In a nearby building, there was a very large common room with a gigantic fireplace for everyone’s use.   We would go there later at night when most people had already left and have the place to ourselves.


Winter Cottage House quilt pattern


Since I am a little trip-starved this year, I decided to bring some old vacation memories back by drawing this winter scene which was inspired by the our stay at Kings Canyon.   Very soon it became this Winter House quilt pattern. 

It’s a 12″ block, and I added a 2.5″ border all around it.  The fabric used for the border was going to be the sky originally, but then I decided to use white to mirror the snow on the ground.  I embroidered black lines on the doors and windows to add a little more definition. 

Then I started hand quilting the slanted dashed lines as if it was raining outside, and quilted solid lines on the snow.  It would be wonderfully cosy to sit inside by the fire on a day like this.  I can also envision changing out the snow for a green and flowery meadow, that would be lovely too!!