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My Violins

These are my girls.  The one on the right is an old girl and the one on the left is a younger girl modeled after a Stradivarius.  She is of course not the same as the real one, but she is very sweet nonetheless.  I have been wanting to make a violin quilt pattern since I made my very first paper piecing pattern – Music Notes.  You can find it on the Free Patterns page if you wish to make one of your own –

Music Notes - Paper Piecing Pattern

So I finally took the plunge and made one –

Violin Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

I worked on it last night until 3:30 AM.  I didn’t work on it the whole day, just didn’t get to sit with it until much later at night.  It was so quiet at that hour while the whole world slept, and I kept on working with just the sound of the sewing machine.  It was kind of therapeutic actually.

In the beginning, I was crazy enough to paper piece the pegs, but that area got so bulky that I ditched the idea and embroidered them along with the strings.  The bow is actually a little hard to piece only because it is so narrow.  Other than that it was not bad because there is very little aligning to do on this pattern.  I wouldn’t call it a beginner pattern, but definitely an intermediate one.  The violin can be made all on its own, or with the bow.  I even included an alternate to paper piecing the f-holes.

I am going to make three more music instruments quilt patterns.  At this point I am tending toward a harp, a guitar and a glockenspiel.  I am not including the piano because I am going to use the piano keys in the sash.  I am getting very excited about this mini quilt.

I added this violin quilt pattern, Fiddle The Violin, to my Craftsy and Etsy shop in case you want to make it for a music lover in your life.

Add a little music to you life!

14 Responses to Violin – Quilt Pattern

  1. Kristen says:

    The love and passion you feel toward your music shines thru into this block. Looking at it I could almost hear it being played.

    • Soma Acharya says:

      You words touched me so much that I am afraid I can’t think of anything to say that will adequately express my warm gratitude. Thank you, Kristen!!


  2. Carin says:

    Ohhh you did a wonderful job on that violin !!

  3. Oh Soma, you hit this one out of the ball park! Or the Symphony Hall! This came out lovely! I did a wall quilt of my son holding a guitar several years ago… I think musical instruments are art in themselves, not to mention the music that is created using them!

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Oh Ruth, thank you so much! I couldn’t agree with you more about musical instruments! I have been fiddling with a guitar lately myself, so you have to share a photo of your quilt now :)


  4. Pamillia says:

    This is beyond words. Beautifully done. Wonderful fabric & color choices. WOW!

  5. Susan says:

    I am a violinist too, although I don’t have an “old” violin. I have a 20th century violin and viola.

    Your pattern is very nice. When I get some extra money I am planning on purchasing it.

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Thank you Susan! This IS a small world!! Best of luck with your musical endeavour and hope you enjoy it a lot.

  6. Janine says:

    This is fantastic, Soma!

  7. Rosalee says:

    WOWl–You are “sew” very talented! You did an absolutely amazing job! Great work!!

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