Valentine's Day - Heart, Hugs and Kisses Quilt Pattern

Welcome to the Hugs And Kisses Blog hop and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!

From the very beginning,  I wanted to take a very vintage approach to Valentine’s Day even without having all the details.  I came up with many ideas but nothing really tickled my fancy.  So I turned to books for inspiration to represent something that is both deep and simple as love.  Love has been part of every story ever told, since the inception of story-telling.  Finally, I found my inspiration – “Love stands the test of time”.

Valentine's Day - Heart Quilt Pattern

Pattern on Etsy and Craftsy

Since my theme was time, I was looking for a clock fabric to make my blocks.  Imagine how excited I felt when I came across this delicious clock fabric, and my search for the perfect foreground fabric was over.  Finding this fabric in sepia really made my day!

Valentine's Day - Hugs Quilt Pattern

Pattern on Etsy and Craftsy

Now that I had my perfect fabric for the symbols of love, it was time to pick the background.   My old-school fashion sense got the better of me this time.  Blame P. G. Wodehouse for that.  I love the Jeeves books and so the television show Jeeves and Wooster became the inspiration for this background.  There is something really attractive about men in suits.  So for the background I picked a grey fabric with a texture that could be used for a suit.

Valentine's Day - Kisses Quilt Pattern

Pattern on Etsy and Craftsy

Since a grey suit was my inspiration for the background,  I thought of a daytime outing.  A cream colored cotton dress seemed perfect to represent the girls.  Finally I had all the fabric I needed for my Vintage Valentine.

Valentine's Day - Heart, Hugs and Kisses Quilt Pattern

I love the outdoors and picnics in parks.   My husband and I go to the national and state parks quite often, and we always pack a lunch to eat inside the park.  So I picked a print with leaves and vines for the sashing and the pinstripe suit became the inspiration for the straight-line quilting.  I started quilting in the middle, and spaced out the lines as I moved toward the outer edges.

Valentine's Day Heart Hugs And Kisses Quilt Patterns

Pattern set on Etsy and Craftsy

Here is my finished Vintage Valentine wall hanging with the theme “Love stands the test of time”.

I hope you enjoyed it!  Thank you so much for visiting and taking part in the blog hop.  I got an email from Elaine, the founder of  Maine Coon Adoptions,  thanking us for the generous donation I was able to make because of you!!  They help find forever homes for so many kitties every year.  I love their organization!

They even mentioned us on their facebook page:

And THANK YOU Whims and Fancies for helping raise funds on our behalf. We give you a great big belly rub for that!! You are awesome!

I am passing that on to you!  Awesome job everyone!!  A very special thanks also goes to Mdm Samm from sew we quilt for helping me achieve this.  We will continue to send all the proceeds from the sales of these patterns to our favorite foundations.


I am sharing my special day with these lovely ladies –

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You can find all the participants of the Hugs And Kisses blog hop here, and all the Hugs And Kisses projects on this Pinterest board.  Let us have these ladies inspire us on this lovely Valentine’s Day!!