The Halloween Tree – Quilt Pattern

Halloween Tree Paper Piecing Pattern

The Halloween Tree quilt pattern is available on Craftsy and Etsy

This quilt pattern is inspired by the book I recently read – The Halloween Tree written by Ray Bradbury.  It is small book full of wonder, adventure, friendship and love wrapped in the history behind the idea of Halloween.

img_6291_sm  img_6292_sm

img_6294_sm  img_6294_sm

The four faces can be paper pieced in like I did here, or can be left out as well.  Since all the faces are stand-alone pieces, they can be individually added or left out as shown here in the photos.


Here is a photo of the tree without any of the paper pieced or embroidered faces.

My plan is to make blocks inspired by different characters from the book and then make a quilt out of that.  I think I will make the tree the center point of the quilt surrounded by the other blocks.

I thought I was done planning!  As I was finishing up the embroidery, my husband asked me if I can turn this into a lap size quilt with large Jack O’ Lanterns hanging from it.  So I will be expanding this tree into a much larger paper piecing design!  That should be very interesting!  I am up for the challenge!


4 Responses to The Halloween Tree – Quilt Pattern

  1. This is such a cute pattern Soma! Those faces in the sky are priceles!!!

  2. Carin says:

    Thats a very beautiful pattern… I will surely keep this one in mind !

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