Wandering Camera – October Stories

      Every October, my attention gets blown around like a leaf in the wind and I continuously find myself in the midst of stories, but not necessarily stories made of words.  This Wandering Camera reflects that. One late afternoon, with rain clouds outside my window, I was practising painting a sunrise after a clearing storm over the mountains of a distant land.  Unintentionally I tend to I create.. Read More

Raindrops On Flowers

  Flower patterns in my Shop   Old stained-glass window panes set in stone-grey abbey walls bordered with red tapestries were the inspiration for my Flowers Of The United Kingdom wall hanging.  That was the original name because the flowers are the Scottish Thistle, the Welsh Daffodil, the Irish Flax and the English Rose.  I started working on this wall hanging with the Scottish Thistle in February of 2013 and.. Read More

My Best Enemy

  Winter Rose pattern on Etsy   It has been often said that your enemies define you.  “My best enemy” is also my best friend.  She has always been a stubborn little thing who can be very distant at times,  but her sweet nature can also cast a charm that is very hard to ignore.   We had a rocky start because of our hotheadedness but our relationship evolved into a.. Read More

Flowers Of The United Kingdom

  Flowers patterns in my Shop   I started working on this set of quilt blocks depicting The Flowers Of The United Kingdom early in February.  I wanted to design these blocks to have an old-world stained glass window pane look.  It is very unusual for me to take six months to finish a set of four quilt blocks, but I wanted them to look exactly as I envisioned them. .. Read More