Wandering Camera – Music

      Today’s planned Wandering Camera would have required rummaging through photos.  I am under the weather, and not feeling like sitting at the computer much.  I have been playing music quite a bit to while away the sick days.  So, here’s a little peek into my musical world. This is my old girl.  She was quite scratched up when I got her.  A luthier spruced her up and.. Read More

Last Vestiges of Autumn

Some of you already have the winter storm inviting itself to your home.  I hope the warm colours of the last vestiges of Autumn in this post brings you a little bit of comfort.  It’s always a pleasure for me to share blocks and projects made by others using my quilt patterns.  Quite by chance I came across this stunning quilted music bag made by Gwen.   Not only is her.. Read More

Vintage Microphone

  Vintage Microphone pattern on Etsy   I have the final piece done for my Rock Music mini quilt.  The lyrics of a song are very important to me.  Now matter how great the accompanying music is, I really can’t listen to a song if the lyrics don’t measure up.  Words have such power, they can really excite you and get you all fired up or make you extremely sad. .. Read More