Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along

  Welcome to the Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along.  I love Lego!  I have bins and bins full of them along with the ones I have on display.  I usually set up my Lego Hogsmeade Village alongside the Hogwarts Castle every September.   A big part of me lives within the pages of my books and I love the friends I make there.  That’s how I came across Harry Potter.  I.. Read More

Moving Giveaway

I have lived in big cities all my life and I love living in our current apartment.   It’s central to everything and the view isn’t bad either!  It faces a golf course with plenty of trees, with the hills of Griffith Park as the backdrop.  There is also a walkway on the far side of the golf course and you can see the local equestrian park walking their horses there.. Read More