An Endeavourer – The Journey Begins

  Speeding Through Space   A few months ago, after I came back from a holiday, a wonderful email from my dear friend Janine was awaiting me.  She talked about a new art quilt group called The Endeavourer, hosted by her and Catherine.  We are a group of 14, creating quilts that feature a chosen theme.  This quarter’s theme was Nature.   I love spending time under the open sky,.. Read More

Tree Paintings And Sweden

I took a silk painting class a couple of weeks ago at the local art supply store.  Sadly, I didn’t learn anything new from the class, but I got to play with new medium and paint.  We were painting scarves, but I wasn’t necessarily thinking of wearing this scarf.  I decided to paint an improvised tree using the paths taken by the colours during their absorption into the fabric. Once.. Read More

Around The World Blog Hop

Acrylic painting on fabric – this is me in symbols I got an invitation from Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs to participate in the Around The World blog hop.  She is so wonderful, there was no way I could say no to her.  Cheryl not only creates beautiful quilts from her original patterns, she also makes stunning sewing accessories.  I also love her colourways. It’s my turn to share a.. Read More

Flag For My Atelier

Our neighbour’s flower peeking through the fence to say Hello! When I saw the announcement for the Flag On A Stick blog hop, I teeter-tottered on the decision of joining.  As I was sorting through things and putting stuff up in my new workroom, I came across a drawing I did for a college project few years ago.  The objective was to describe yourself on a shield.  I thought that.. Read More