Roses – Quilt And Embroidery Patterns

Winter Rose - Paper Piecing Pattern

I was going to make a pink rose for a friend.  Then I thought: why not send her something that would represent me a bit more closely?  So a blue winter rose was born.

I also wanted to make something that reflects how I perceive my friend.  So I started embroidering a pink rose.  Then I added borders around it and made it into a pouch.  I will put the blue rose inside the pouch and mail it to her.  Unfortunately I can’t give you more details because she doesn’t know she is getting this yet and she is a frequent visitor of this blog.

Pouch with Rose embroidery - pattern

Since I cannot send this package to everyone, I will share the rose quilt pattern and the rose embroidery pattern with you.  Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging.  You can download the patterns at the following links until the end of the month of January for free –

Download Winter Rose Paper Piecing Pattern

Inception Of A Rose Embroidery Pattern on Craftsy

Update – 10″ Winter Rose quilt pattern is now available on Craftsy and Etsy

You can of course use any color combination you prefer.  I hope you enjoy making them!

I will sign off until the new year!
Happy Holidays everyone!

6 Responses to Roses – Quilt And Embroidery Patterns

  1. Araceli says:

    preciosa rosa, gracias por compartir el patrón .


  2. Your rose is lovely in blue! So beautiful! And you can never go wrong with embroidery!!! You’re too sweet to share the patterns! I hope you have a wonderful week before the New Year! Quilty hugs, Ruth

  3. Carin says:

    Thank you for the lovely rose !!
    Merry Christmas dear Soma.

I love reading your comments and I always reply to them via email. Thank you so much for taking the time to write one.

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