Exactly a year ago last July, I set out to create a Lego Harry Potter quilt.  I love the worlds made of ink and paper and the friends I make there.  They are always there, always happy to see me. I was delighted to befriend Harry and the others within the pages of the seven books.  As I finish the journey together with them (countless number of times) and read the words “All was well”,  I imagine a happy future for all my friends, finally able to leave conflict behind them.



Lego Harry Potter | Whims And Fancies


I also love to tinker with Lego.  A few years ago, my husband got me the Lego Harry Potter video games to cheer me up and it has become a form of Patronus for me.  Afterwards as I learned how to write quilt patterns, I knew I wanted to make a Lego Harry Potter quilt – a Patronus quilt – some day.  Last year I set out to make these blocks inspired by the game.

Thank you so much for joining me over the months and for leaving lovely comments. Also, a BIG Thank You to everyone who donated to Maine Coon Adoptions, one of my favourite kitty charities. 

The donations raised a total of $550.  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. 


My blocks for this quilt –



Hermione’s Bookshelf and Hedwig


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Weasley Box and the Deluminator


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Time Turner and Crookshanks


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Cornish Pixie and Singing Mandrake


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Spectrespecs and Flame And Flowers


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Lumos Solem and Pigwidgeon


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies




Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


The knights


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies






Playing In The Rain


Since I have always loved playing in the rain, I love its presence in the game.  As a child, I got in trouble a myriad times for soiling my clothes and for getting sick, but that never stopped me.  The Lego figures also run around in the castle, oblivious to it. 

I wanted the quilt to look as if I am looking at a shelf full of Hogwarts paraphernalia through the rain.  I quilted a lot of broken lines randomly coming downward with a very pale-steel-blue coloured thread.   The quilt is named Playing In The Rain.


Here is my layout of the quilt.  I used 2″ sashing for the bottom three rows, and 3″ between the dragon and the knights.  The shelf border is 2″ and then I added a 4″ outer border. 

The quilt measures a nice 66″ x 80″.  I love to take the quilt I cuddle under on the couch to bed.  It’s perfect for both.




I was not sure what backing I would use until I went to the store, where my husband pointed a leafy fabric out to me.  That instilled the idea of the Forbidden Forest.  We kept on looking and came across this fabric.  It looks a bit like looking at the trees through rain.




Then, of course, I had to take the quilt to the nearby state park to get a photo in the woods.




I am too embarrassed to mention the number of times my husband and I went to watch the first movie in the theatre.  I just had to place the quilt in one of the Alnwick Castle photos I took last year while we were there.  

The quilt represents everything I love and treasure about the story of Harry Potter – Friendship, wit, laughter, whimsy, protection, freedom, just to name a few. 


July was a hard month for us.  The irony of finishing a Patronus quilt during that time didn’t escape me.  I was glad I had Nicholas Hoopers’s music, Stephen Fry’s reading of the books and David Yate’s movies to accompany me and egg me on to finish.  I placed the last stitch on this quilt on our 25th Anniversary!


And dance your final dance

This is your final chance
To hold the one you love
You know you’ve waited long enough

So, believe
That magic works
Don’t be afraid
Of being hurt
Don’t let this magic die
The answer’s there
Oh, just look in her eyes.

Magic Works From Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Soundtrack


All Is Well!


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