Ikea Granas Chairs

Our dining area is fairly small and I tire easily of shopping for furniture.  So after looking for a set of lightweight chairs with little result, I decided to just give our old Ikea chairs an overhaul.  I finally got all the materials and finished them about a week ago.  They are much sturdier and more comfortable than the original chairs.

The first chair taken apart – (I had to get gloves for the rest of them to avoid getting splinters.)

Ikea Granas Chair taken apart

Supplies – 1/4″ plywood to glue to the frame, wood glue, clamps to hold them together until the glue dried, 1/2″ foam, batting, cloth, staple gun, scissors, drill and screws.

Ikea Granas Chair Upholsterey Supplies

The bottom of one of the chairs –

Ikea Granas Chair Bottom

The final product –

Ikea Granas Chair Upholstered

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Mushrooms From Sewhooked.com

Last week after I showed Jennifer Ofenstein’s embroidery post at sewhooked.com to my husband, he requested that I make one for our home.  So I asked for Jennifer’s permission and by the afternoon, she had a pattern ready for me to use.  She is just that nice!

I changed the pattern a little bit, in the place of the third mushroom, I added couple of round rocks.

Kaushik wanted one with old school sepia tone and I wanted one with color.  So I made two versions (did I say I love mushrooms).

Mushrooms in sepia –

Oh Sweet Mushroom Embroidery

He gave me the idea and I went with it.  My version of bioluminescence mushrooms (did I also mention that I love reading fantasy and science fiction stories) –

Oh Sweet Mushroom Embroidery

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