It all started with an impromptu trip to London shortly before Christmas, I fell in love with the city. I love big cities, I love living in Los Angeles, I won’t deny that. How can I not fall in love with London! Per Samuel Jackson, “when you are tired of London you are tired of life”…so true!

I have been wanting to do a few quilt patterns with the icons of the city of my dream. This morning I saw this shirt, I got from a souvenir shop there, hanging in my closet. Every time the train stopped, the announcer said “Mind the gap please, mind the gap” and it always made me chuckle.

Mind The Gap Please!

When I saw the shirt this morning, I chuckled again.  I sat down this afternoon, drafted the London Underground quilt pattern… I got done with it super quickly, so I had to make it today, didn’t I!

This free London Tube quilt pattern is available on Craftsy.

London Tube - Paper Piecing Pattern

You could go crazy with this pattern and create any or all of these –

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