Little Penguin Polaris - Paper Piecing Pattern

Little Penguin Polaris quilt pattern is available on Craftsy and Etsy

I have a gimpy and chubby kitty cat called Charlie, whose photo occasionally surfaces here.  He would like nothing more than for people to take him seriously.  Except it has never worked since he was a baby.  He just gets picked up and cuddled, and he just sits on your lap with all of his claws tucked in.

When I was going to make a little winter-themed block for a friend, I knew I had to make a chubby little disgruntled penguin in a scarf and a hat.  So if Charlie were a penguin instead of a cat, this is what he would look like where all the other grown up penguins are just not taking him seriously enough!

I have made 3″ and 5″ blocks with this paper piecing pattern.  I am listing a 10″ version of the little penguin quilt pattern, so you can resize it to any size you wish to make.

Wishing you a wonderful crafty weekend!