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Welcome to the Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along.   As the name suggests, this is a Harry Potter quilt with an additional twist of Lego added to the theme. On the last Thursday of every month I will share two patterns.  Mostly they will be for 12″ square blocks, but there are a few that will be of larger sizes.  I have been wanting to make this quilt for a while now and it feels great to get started.  For me, this quilt is going be a symbol of joy and happiness.  I would love for you to join me on this fun journey!


Hermione’s Bookshelf


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern - Hermione's Bookshelf | Whims And Fancies


Those of you who know me already know how much I love story books.  So Hermione’s Bookshelf had to be the first block in the series.

The door-panel pictures are pieced 3″ blocks.  I don’t think most of you will want to piece such small blocks, so I did not include them in the pattern.  You can use some wonderful fussy-cuts for those pieces.  You can also omit piecing the circles (the yellow pieces) and make square panels instead.

It is one of the large 12″ x 24″ blocks, large enough to even make a fun wall hanging!




Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern - Hedwig | Whims And Fancies


The second block is a Lego version of Hegwig sitting on a red brick.  I love that Harry had Hedwig with him as he embarked on a wonderful new chapter of his life.  She was beautiful, protective and sweet, a perfect companion!




Download Hermione’s Bookshelf

Download Hedwig


Reminder – Remember to download these patterns by Friday night.  The download link will be removed permanently on Saturday morning (July 30th, 2016).

I draw these pictures freehand and then turn them into patterns, which is a lot of work.  Please only use them for personal use and do not distribute or share them anywhere.  For more information and for the pattern schedule, please read the introductory post.




The quilt layout I have in mind lends itself to having the same background for all the blocks.  Since everyone paper-pieces differently, it’s very hard to give a good estimate.  I would generally recommend 1/4 yard of background fabric for each block.  12 blocks would therefore require approximately 3 yards of fabric.  I think 3.5 yards of fabric will be more than enough.

I suggest you use a fabric that you don’t mind having leftovers from.  If you want to be cautious in your purchase, then make sure that you can repurchase the background fabric easily.  I really like the Stonehenge fabric so I got 4 yards of it.

Other than that, you will probably end up using fabrics from your stash.  That’s what I will be doing.  Wait until you see the pattern, figure out the colours you want to use and then decide if you want to purchase any specific fabric for the block.

It’s best to pick non-directional fabric.  That makes for easier piecing.




I like my blocks to have nice details, so the patterns are of intermediate level.  However, if you are a patient beginner, you can do this too.  I have had many beginners paper piece my advanced blocks quite successfully.  Some even started paper piecing for the first time using my patterns.  I encourage you to give this a try even if you think it is beyond your skill level.


Sharing your work 


If you are on Facebook, you can join the group Pictures With Paper Piecing and share your blocks there.

You can also share them on this Flickr group.

Additionally, I will be hosting linky parties here for you to show off your finished blocks.


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies
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