August Sunset | Whims And Fancies

Taken with my cell shortly after dinner at a pho place

The outside temperature has been around 40C (104F) lately and I am determined not to expose myself even a little bit to the hot sun.  The quilts are all put away.  Even my quilt-addicted kitties are rolling up their mini quilts so they can sit on the cool, bare surfaces.  Yes, they bundle up their quilts with their forepaws when they don’t want to use them.  Hot summer days are perfect for rummaging through photos.  I did exactly that and found a few that I would love to share.


Icad 2015 Drawing Discards | Whims And Fancies

This is a photo of all the bits and pieces of discarded index cards.  I had to restart quite a few of them because of mistakes and bad or unexpected results.  The fanned-out stack of cards on the right is where I practised drawing circles over and over until I could draw them without having the marker leaving a darker dot at the start and stop points.  I couldn’t bear to throw those cards away.  When I get frustrated of my ineptness, they serve as a reminder of the age-old saying – Practice Makes Perfect.


Cold Pour Soap | Whims And Fancies

Recently I got a set of lovely soap moulds along with a set of essential oils from my DH.  The oils make the house smell amazing while the soap cures.  Now I have enough moulds to make a double batch of soap.


Quilt And Cats | Whims And Fancies

I used the Panorama feature of my phone to take this picture.  I am at the bottom left corner, being pinned down by these two kitties.  I was positively cooking under the bulk of the quilt and two hairy cats.  No wonder it took me so long to finish hand-sewing the binding of the Greekness quilt!


Quilt And Cats | Whims And Fancies

This was a few months ago.  I couldn’t sleep, so I worked on the binding of the Castles In The Air quilt.  I was glad of his company in those wee hours of the night.


Halloween Wizard Tabby Cat Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Charlie’s Adventure

This is my little bumbling gimpy kitty Charlie.  Last October I wrote a little Halloween adventure story about him along with a quilt I made for the Black Cat Crossing blog hop.  I wasn’t ready to share him, but since then, several people have asked me about this wizard cat quilt pattern.  Charlie is such a happy cat that it would be a shame not to share his happiness.  So he is now on my Etsy and Craftsy shops as THE Wizard Tabby Cat.  He made me capitalize the word “THE”!


Aran Star Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Aran Star on Etsy and Craftsy

Lastly, Fort Worth Fabric Studio featured my Aran Star pillow on their blog.  I am stoked!!

Thanks to my friends Susie and Lara, I entered this post to Pets On Quilts 2015

Pets On Quilts

I hope you enjoyed photo-rummaging with me.  If you are in the area of this extreme heatwave we are having, I hope you stay safe and cool.

Until next time,