A Witch And Her Kitties

Halloween Witch Hat Quilt Pattern

I couldn’t let my favourite holiday go by without making something special this year.  Because of the vacation, I was running super short on time and came in to the game very very late.  So it had to be something quick and fun at the same time.

I love to wear hats, and I thought a large-brimmed Halloween Witch Hat wall hanging would be so perfect for this season!  It’s iconic but also stylish!  I literally finished drawing and making it within a day.  Hand sewing the binding took longer than putting this Halloween-themed quilted wall hanging together.

You can get this really easy 18″ Halloween Witch Hat quilt pattern from Etsy or Craftsy.  There are some large pieces in this pattern. so I would suggest printing two copies and using one copy as a template to cut the fabric out for the large pieces.  As always with paper piecing, cut the pieces larger than you think you will need.

Halloween Pillow

I also made this matching pillow cover with the same set of fabric.  I love making these quick pillow covers.

Reading Corner

This is where my husband reads at night.  The wall hanging and the pillow will probably end up here.  I can’t believe it has been 10 years since I drew that map of Middle Earth.  If you look to the left of the chair, there is a laundry basket on the side.  There’s a good reason for that.

I took that laundry basket from my mother about 21 years ago.  It is now falling apart, yet I am unable to throw it away.  Every time I finish doing laundry, my kitties hop in the empty laundry baskets.  That gave me an idea!

Tuffleberry In Basket

I folded one of my blankets to make a bed for them, then put one of their blankets which I had made, on top.  I put Mr. Tuffleberry in it.  He is an extremely camera-shy, nervous kitty.  He stayed and gave me lots of kisses.

Charlie In Basket

Later on I found Charlie fast asleep in there!

Mission accomplished!!  Now I need to get busy with sprucing up that basket for them.

Happy Sewing,

18 Responses to A Witch And Her Kitties

  1. DogsMom says:

    I came to view and appreciate your witch hat but now I have to add some love for your cat. AND to show appreciation that you would keep the basket kitties love.

  2. Adorable cats! Cats all love baskets, boxes, and things. Cute idea for their cat bed :) I always wanted a maincoon cat, I have a flame point himalayan, he is such a character.

    I love the witches hat! I think I’d leave it up year round ;)

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Thanks, Amanda!! Maine coons boys are such goofballs and the girls are just so full of themselves, you have never seen a bigger head ;)

      That hat will definitely stick around until I decide to change it for something wintry and then back again on the wall :)


  3. Janine says:

    I love your witches hat and your Middle Earth picture! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re plans for the vasket are :)

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Thank you, Janine! I am planning on redoing the Middle Earth picture because there are a few things on that picture I would like to change. As for the basket, I am hoping to get a lot of hugs and kisses from them :)


  4. carla bynum says:

    Hi!!!! Love the hat!!!! Love the kitty in his basket too!!!!

  5. Shirley Sherrod says:

    I absolutely love the Happy Halloween fabric. Is it new or old? What is it called? I too love to have matching pillows and wallhangings. Living in an RV when in the US doesn’t give me much wall space but I do hang things here and there. LOL

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Hi Shirley,

      I picked up at JoAnn couple of years ago. I am not sure what it’s called anymore. I have spotted it at JoAnn last year during this time. They might bring it back again this year.

      I love to travel. So of course I love the idea of living in a RV and personalizing the space that way! You probably have the prettiest RV walls :)

      Take care,

    • Shirley Sherrod says:

      Thanks for the info. It is still available, oh boy, oh boy, …

  6. Jamie Haney says:

    Love, love your Witchy hat! Perfect fabric choice, too.

  7. Susie says:

    So sweet! I love your Witch Hat pattern! It’s very cute. And so is your Halloween pillow! Great fabric for that.

    And I love your kitty picture…. he is so handsome! Isn’t it funny where they find places to sleep?! Is he a Maine Coon? He looks so soft!


    • Soma Acharya says:

      Thanks, Susie!! I love that fabric. I am so glad now that my husband egged me on to to buy a lot more that I wanted to originally. Such an enabler :)

      We love our kitties. We sometimes call him Beautiffle. He is a maine coon and yes he is incredibly soft! How did you know?!
      Poor Charlie, however, gets picked up all time! He doesn’t even protest anymore ;)


  8. super super from your biggest fan

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Shirley, thank you so much!! You have no idea how much that means to me :)

      Have a wonderful weekend!!

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