Hot Air Balloons Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


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I live in the heart of wine country in Northern California where balloon rides are quite common.  In the early morning, when we go out running at one of our local parks, we can see them rising up one by one.

Of course, I had my trusty camera with me to take a few photos of the balloons dotting the sky.


Hot Air Balloons Napa California | Whims And Fancies


Hot Air Balloons Napa California | Whims And Fancies


Floating toward the rising sun


Hot Air Balloons Napa California | Whims And Fancies


Pretty much all of my quilt patterns are inspired by life around me, and photography is a huge part of that.  As you know, I love it enough to be taking one photo for every day of the year.  I am hosting the monthly Wandering Camera event around that.  I also love to paint those pictures with paper piecing.  Once I had taken these photos, I just had to make a hot air balloon quilt pattern.


Hot Air Balloons Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


I started off with one large balloon above the mountains for a vertical  wall hanging.  Then I decided to add another, smaller balloon in the distance.

The two balloons and the mountains are standalone pieces in the pattern.  They can therefore be made individually for different projects, or together.  I drew the mountains in a way that I could make multiple copies and join them together to get one continuous piece.


Hot Air Balloons Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Pattern on Etsy and Craftsy


I played with a few colourways after drawing the initial design.

The whole piece was very easy and quick to sew.  The pattern is on my Etsy and Craftsy shops if you would like to get a copy for yourself.  Floating At Dawn finishes at 24″ x 20″.


Hot Air Balloons Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

  Pattern on Etsy and Craftsy

I am outside around dawn so I can run in the cool morning air.  That’s why I chose an early morning theme in the end.

After picking out a pale pink fabric for the sky, I got a bright red fabric for the up-close balloon and a faded blue for the one further away.


  Hot Air Balloons Quilt Pattern With Wavy Quilting | Whims And Fancies


At that time the distant mountains in the east are still in the shades of greys and blues.  We call them “Misty Mountains” and we hope never to encounter any nasty creatures.  I randomly quilted zigzag lines around them.

For the sky, the quilting had to be a wavy air stream.  ( I have gotten a little addicted to wavy quilting ever since I quilted The Dancing Wind that way. )

I was a little stumped about the binding.  Finally I ended up using a starry sky fabric, as if the dawn is spreading out into the surrounding dark sky.

The design was completely inspired by photography.  I am not a morning person, so this will serve as a good reminder to get up and enjoy the morning hours.


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along


A quick reminder –  Please make sure to stop by next Thursday for the Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along introductory post.  I have finished working on the details and the giveaways.


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