Fall Leaves Embroidery

I used to live on the east coast before moving here to the southwest and I miss the beautiful fall colours so much!  So at this time of  year, I surround myself with those vivid reds, oranges, yellows and blacks as much as I can before I move on to the celebration of winter.

I made this fleece blanket for my kitties last year.  I didn’t like any of the fleece prints they had in the store, so I bought some white fleece and embroidered Quaking Aspen, Red Oak and Sugar Gum leaves on it.  I used three strands each of different combinations of red, yellow, golden-yellow and orange embroidery floss to back-stitch the leaves.   Then I did a blanket stitch with black embroidery floss to join a backing to the embroidered top.

Sugar gum leaf embroidery

Quaken Aspen Leaves Embroidery Pattern

red oak leaf embroidery

While going through some of the files on my computer the other day, I realized I never shared these patterns here.  I thought this would be the perfect time of year to change that. You can use them on napkins, embroider them on pouches, make a hostess gift project, embellish a quilt border, the possibilities are endless.

Download Fall Leaves Embroidery Patterns On Craftsy

Fall Leaves Blanket

Fall Leaves Blanket

I can’t help but share how much my gimpy little boy loves his blanket!!

To wrap up the autumnal celebration this year, here are a couple more fall quilt blocks I made last year –

Autumn Harvest Quilt Pattern

Autumn Harvest – I would love to have a view like this through my window with the smells of apple pie and pumpkin pie wafting from my windowsill.  I am going to make a Four Seasons quilted wall hanging that will feature this block.  I already have the Winter Meadow done, now I need to make the spring and summer meadow blocks.

Apple Cider Quilt Pattern

A Refreshing Drink – I made this Apple Cider quilt block for a swap last year.  I am going to switch out the drink colours and the fruits and make a few quilted place mats with this one.

The Fall Leaves embroidery pattern and the other fall quilt patterns on this page are all available on Etsy and Craftsy.

This weekend enjoy some fall colours for me!