Faces On Camera - Pattern Paper Piecing

Faces On Camera quilt pattern (both versions in one pattern) is available on my Craftsy and Etsy store.

My camera and I are inseparable.  It’s my trusty friend and I feel so comfortable with it.  Until very recently, I didn’t have the skills to draft a camera quilt pattern where the lens is done with paper piecing only.  Once I made the London Tube pattern, I felt a lot more comfortable with designing circles using paper piecing.

After I made the camera with paper piecing only, I felt it would be a little too complicated for someone who is a beginner at paper piecing.  So I made a simpler camera quilt pattern where paper piecing is used to make only the camera body and applique is used for the lens.  I love both versions and I included both of them in the pattern.  You have a choice of how involved you want your block to be.

Faces On Camera - Pattern Paper Piecing and Applique

Camera made with paper piecing and applique


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