Drums Quilt Pattern

As a teenager, I wanted to play drums and travel the world with a rock band.  As I grew older, I drifted toward playing classical music.   Traveling the world is definitely happening, but playing drums is now a mere distant wish.  I love listening to rock music just as much as classical music and I still get a chill down my spine when I hear a drum solo in a song.

I got a few requests for making a drum-set pattern earlier this year.  So, when I got yet another request, the rock girl in me couldn’t put it aside any longer.  I drafted the pattern last month but only got to stitch it last week.  I made my drums blue with silver rims and black stands, like the ones I would have bought.

Because of the circular nature of the drums and the rims, it is an intermediate pattern.  However, I have also added alternate sections in the pattern without the rims, making this block easier to sew. You can embroider the rims on after you finish stitching the block.

This Drum Beats quilt pattern is available on my Craftsy and Etsy shops.   I updated the pattern last week and uploaded the new version to both places.  I also emailed it to everyone who had purchased it before the update.  If you purchased it more than a week ago and haven’t gotten an email from me, please let me know.

I think this is the beginning of another set of musical instruments for this rock music lover!

Happy Sewing!