Doctor? Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Paper Piecing Quilt Along

As we are rolling into the last days of the Spring Fling Blog Hop, I bring you tidings of a new event here at Whims And Fancies.

My partner in crime, Caroline Press from Trillium Design was on her way to make a Doctor Who quilt. Well, so was I. You know the age-old saying – two brains are better than one. We put our brains together and have been planning this event for months. Both of us are very excited to now present to you:

Doctor.Who.Along – A Whovian-Inspired Quilt-Along

We will be posting one 12″ Doctor Who quilt pattern every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month alternating between our blogs. At the end you will have 20 blocks to finish a fantastic Doctor Who quilt for yourself or a Doctor Who fanatic in your life!

The very first pattern for this Doctor Who quilt along will be revealed on May 7th by Caroline, followed by me on May 21st. I hope you will join us on this fun adventure at the Flickr Group. You can check our full schedule there for this event. We will update the schedule as we post new patterns.

A 180 x 98 banner image for you to share -

Doctor.Who.Along - A paper piecing QAL

URL for the QAL link -

You can either save the image or copy and paste the text in the box below to share on your website –

We will have so much fun sewing this together! Caroline and I are over the moon about it!

Happy Saturday!

Published Patterns -

May 7th – Tardis
May 21st – Time Lord
June 4th – K9
June 18th – SS Madame de Pompadour
July 2nd – Badwolf
July 16th – Werewolf
August 6th – Sonic Screwdriver
August 20th – Weeping Angel
September 3rd – Cyberman
September 24th – Dalek
October 1st – Striped Scarf
October 15th – Gallifrey
November 5th – Ood
November 19th – Hello Sweetie
December 3rd – River Song’s Diary
December 17th – Vashta Nerada
January 7th – Crack In The Wall
January 21st – Chameleon Arch
February 4th – Power Of Three
February 18th – Tardis In Flight

March 4th – The Finished Quilt Top

40 Responses to Doctor? Doctor Who?

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  2. kay holm says:

    I got waylaid and haven’t made the quilt yet. I have saved all the patterns, and now is a good time to start, right?

  3. Marjorie Heywood says:

    My daughter and her family love Dr. Who so I think this going to be my next project.

  4. corinna bittles says:

    I’m trying foundation piecing for the first time…so hopefully this works out. lol It’s a shame that all the pieces won’t be revealed before Christmas though…because that leaves me with having to try and make my own to finish it on time…lol

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Welcome to foundation piecing. Take your time while making the blocks and you will be fine. I know, I will have to wait to finish my quilt after the holidays as well, but this way we don’t have to rush :)

      Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. Hazel Pethig says:

    I love this! I was looking for some Doctor Who quilt blocks to make a grad present for my daughter and this will be perfect! I can’t thank you enough as my talents do not lean towards designing. I can’t wait to see the rest of the blocks.

    • Soma Acharya says:

      What a wonderful idea for a grad present! I am always too happy to share Doctor Who patterns with a fellow Whovian.


  6. Kassaundra says:

    Hello, I just found this site and this project. I know I am late to the party, but I am so excited about doing this. I am a big DW fan. I am not new to sewing or quilting, but am new to foundation piecing, so hopefully am not over my head. Just one seam at a time, right???

    • Soma Acharya says:

      How exciting! I am so glad to have you here. You are in good company. There are many who are new to foundation piecing participating in this QAL. As you said, take it slow, one seam at a time :)

      Have fun,

  7. […] a stack of these to work on in between all the other things. And if you are so inclined lots of Dr Who and Star Wars and some brilliant Lego patterns to […]

  8. Linda says:

    I just finished my Dr. Who Tardis. I want to put a quilt label on the back. How would I give credit to you and Whims and Fancies? What should the quilt label say?

  9. Kay says:

    Thank you. Have been wanting to make a quilt for my husband. Now I have it! We all love the Doctor!!!

    • Soma Acharya says:

      I am so very glad to have you join us! I think it will be a perfect quilt to snuggle under and watch the Doctor’s next adventure!


  10. Carolyn says:

    My oldest just discovered Dr.Who! I liked Tom Baker as the good doctor, way back when ;)
    I do believe I will join you all and see where this sew along takes me :)
    Thank you for the wonderful Tardis pattern to start us off.

  11. My brother is going to be so excited! He asked me about a month ago if I could make this quilt for him. This is perfect!

    • Soma Acharya says:

      That’s is so awesome! He will be really thrilled!! Happy sewing! We just posted the first pattern yesterday, and it is of course the TARDIS.


  12. Deb Richey says:

    I am really looking forward to this one! My youngest and I are big Whovians :D

  13. Debby says:

    So excited. Hope I can do these blocks on the sly and surprise my kids with a Dr. Who Quilt.

  14. Angie Ford says:

    I can’t wait!! Love my “Doctor Who”. I had started making random blocks myself but will be joining you guys. Thanks so much for the opportunity to see your ideas.

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Yay! So happy you are joining us. This has been the longest wait for me!! Can’t wait to share the blocks we have been making.

  15. kelly o! says:

    That’s *fantastic*! (parsed in the Ninth Doctor’s voice)

    Is this a Tenth-specific, or DW-generally QAL? Either way, I’m in!


    • Soma Acharya says:

      Yay! So glad to have you join us!!

      Without giving away too much so it won’t spoil the fun – it will be a DW QAL with a nice doze of the Tenth! I LOVE 9th’s Fantastic! He is my husband’s doctor :)


  16. […] In case you haven’t heard, Whims and Fancies just announced a new sew along! We are major, major Doctor Who fans at our house so this was big, big news! You can grab the button and get more info here. […]

  17. MKissa says:

    Can’t wait! I am in!

  18. Theresa says:

    Sounds fabulous! Can’t wait to see the blocks. It will definitely be for my husband. I loves Dr Who!

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Glad to have you here, Theresa! It will be such a fun project – perfect for Whovians :)


  19. Aalia says:

    How incredible! How exciting! Can’t wait!

  20. Britt says:

    How funny is this – right at this moment I am watching an episode of Dr.Who on Netflix. I will definitely be following along to be part of the Dr. Who action. Awesome idea!

  21. Beth Strand says:

    Oh My Goodness! Doing the most seriously excited happy dance over here! I even have my Tardis blue fabrics already! YEAH!

    • Soma Acharya says:

      Tell me about it!! I have been saving that fabric just for this occasion! Joining you with the happy dance :)


  22. Lynn says:

    This sounds like so much fun…I can’t wait to see what you gals have in store for us! Just this week (or maybe last…time just flies) dear Spouse longarmed a Tardis quilt for a customer…it was fantastic!

    • Soma Acharya says:

      I know! We are really looking forward to making this one! How fun is that your DH quilted a Tardis!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)


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