I was home alone staring at some fabrics and the idea popped into my head.  I love baking!  Since cupcakes can be baked so effortlessly, they are at the top of  my “love to bake goodies” list.  I was thinking about how I love every bit of cupcake making – starting from the creamy color of the batter as the ingredients get mixed together all the way to the cupcakes coming out of the oven nestled in the colorful paper cups that I collect.  So I pulled out my pen and pad and starting sketching, and here’s the finished paper pieced block.

This is a 12″ x 12″ quilt pattern, a little larger than my usual blocks, perfect for a wall hanging or to make a tote bag for the weekend farmer’s market run.

Cupcakery quilt pattern is available on my Etsy and Craftsy store.

Cupcakery - Cucakes Paper Pieced Pattern