Sunburst Star Bag

Bag With Star Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Thank you so much everyone, for the get well wishes, all those good vibes definitely helped!  I finally started feeling a lot better earlier this week, after almost a week and a half of being sick.  Now only a little sniffle and a bit of stuffy head remains.  Last week I planned out my one-block WIPs, and I am very happy to share the first finished project with you today.  I started to work on it slowly as the cold left me.


Before that though, I have something to share with you.  A couple of days ago, I received a package at the front door.  My friend Kris had sent me a surprise feel-good package.  This is not the first time she has done it either.  Unbeknownst to her, I have been more than a little upset by current affairs lately.  The kind gesture made me intrinsically happy.  Something must also have gotten into my eyes at the same time to make them a bit misty!  I am very thankful for all the lovely, supportive friends I have made here.



Sunburst Star on Etsy and Craftsy


So, with a warm heart I started working on turning this Sunburst Star block into a bag.  The colours are my favourite part of this block,  specially the background fabric.  The nebulous texture of it directed the choices I made for the rest of the bag. 



Ever since I picked that background fabric for the star, I knew I wanted to make a night-sky-themed project with that block.   Weather permitting, I love to spend time outside watching the night sky.  I took this photo of the galactic centre quite awhile ago when I first started fiddling with the camera and the telescope.  I found the perfect fabric to remind me of that.


Bag With Star Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


One look at my fabric shelf, and I knew this Stonehenge fabric had to be the accompanying fabric.  It also emphasises the blue and the purple from the block.  The back of the bag is completely made of that fabric.


Bag With Star Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Because of the colours of the star block, I had a choice of a warm or cool palette.  I wanted to use the silver strap and the rings, so I opted for a cool palette and picked a lavender zipper instead of a yellow one.  I also found this little charm in my cabinet, which became a perfect zipper pull for this bag.




You would not believe how happy I am with this bag.  I wanted to use my paper pieced blocks on projects other than quilted ones.  I designed this bag ‘pattern’ with that in mind.  This way I can also have bags that are a lot more akin to my personality.  The Sunburst Star bag definitely feels like a piece of the night sky that I love to explore with my telescope.

The Sunburst Star quilt pattern is available on Etsy and Craftsy if you wish to make one.

Happy Sewing,


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One Block WIPs

sailboat, star, flower, phone box art quilt patterns | Whims And Fancies


I was having a wonderful time working on different projects until I came down with a nasty cold featuring a fever, body ache, the whole package.  I knew if I forced the matter and sat at the sewing machine, I would end up unpicking every single stitch and redoing everything.  However, being me and not wanting to stay in bed for long, I decided to go through my WIPs and form a plan for tackling them after I get better.

I spent almost all of the last few months working on the Lego Harry Potter quilt – designing, writing, sewing and testing the patterns to share with you.  That didn’t leave me time to work on much else, so I only sewed a few other blocks now and then.  Now I want to finish making a few things with those one-off blocks.  Not only have I figured out what I want to do with them, I have also picked out the coordinating fabrics for these projects.


Sunburst Star on Etsy and Craftsy


I love cross-body bags.  The last bag I made was done a long time ago and has seen better days, so I will be making a bag with this Sunburst Star block.  I love the nebulosity of the background I picked for this block.


Red Telephone Box pattern on Etsy and Craftsy


This one was meant be made into a bag all along, even as the picture was forming in my head.  I found the perfect coordinating travel fabric in my stash.


Pinwheel Flower pattern on Etsy and Craftsy


I will turn this pinwheel flower block into a mini, a mix of modern and vintage.  My friend Mary gave me the idea of making a quilt with the flowers done in multiple colours.  I am going to make a kitty quilt that way, and I will test out the quilting motif on this little mini.


Summer Sailboat on Craftsy and Etsy


Lastly, I am hand quilting this recently-finished Summer Sailboat block.


Hang Quilting | Whims And Fancies


Hand quilting is quite nice when you’re unable to do much else.  I am a very slow quilter, but at least I have started on this one already.


Little Sketchbook | Whims And Fancies


I also got a little sketchbook for doodling in everyday.  As you can see from the warped pages, I have been scribbling in it quite a bit, even while parked on the sofa and huddling under a quilt.  Apologies for not being able to take new photos.  I will share more very soon.


Have a healthy and happy week everyone,


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Summer Sailboat

Summer Sailboat Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


I love sailboats.  I see them as giant winged birds floating in the sea.  Many a year ago I even fancied taking sailing lessons.  I even had my husband teach me how to swim. However, that ended up having quite a different effect.  I became addicted to swimming and spent a lot of time at the pool.  I became a fairly decent swimmer, but the plans for learning how to sail fell by the wayside.


 Summer Swim at Craftsy and Etsy


You see, I was going to the pool so much that my old tote bag fell apart completely.  By that time I had learned how to sew however, so I made another swimming tote bag with pockets for everything.


San Francisco Bay | Whims And Fancies

San Francisco Bay

I still love to watch sailboats go by, their white sails surrounded by blue waters and the blue sky.  My mind drifts into a trance, punctuated by thoughts of adventure.  So, when I got a request to make a sailboat quilt pattern, I just had to accept it.


Summer Sailboat Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Summer Sailboat on Craftsy and Etsy


Here’s my finished sailboat block.  The 12″ Summer Sailboat quilt pattern is now available on my Craftsy and Etsy shops.  Many thanks to those who have purchased it already.

That’s my One Monthly Goal finished, and I will be linking up with Patty at end of the month.  I really like the way this block turned out.  When I showed it to my husband, he initially thought I had painted it.  I love the crisp look that paper piecing provides!  I will be hand quilting puffy clouds on this one.

Happy Sewing,

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Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along – Chapter 8

Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along | Whims And Fancies 

Welcome to the Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along.  Thank you for the wonderful comments and for the donations to my favourite charity.  Today I get to share the final block of this quilt along with you, but before that I want to remind you to check back on the last Thursday of July.  On that day, I will share the layout along with the extra blocks that are needed to put the quilt together.

So, without further ado, I present to you:  A Dragon.




Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


I specially made mine grey after the Gringott’s dragon, the tortured dragon who is later freed by Harry, Hermione and Ron.  Freedom is something I value the most, and I think all creatures, big or small, ferocious or meek, should be able to live free without fear of captivity.  The moment of the dragon’s breaking out of Gringott’s into open air always fills me with relief and utter happiness.  So, I had to include the Gringott’s dragon in my quilt.

“She was helping the dragon enlarge the passageway, carving out the ceiling as it struggled upwards, towards the fresher air, away from the shrieking and clanking goblins.”  —  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling




Download Dragon


Note – The dragon patterns use three shades of the same colour. I highly recommend writing the shades down on the pattern pieces before you cut them out and start sewing. It takes just a few extra minutes, but you will make a lot less fabric-related mistakes this way.


Reminder – Remember to download these patterns by Friday night. The download link will be removed permanently on Saturday morning (May 27th, 2017).

I draw these pictures freehand and then turn them into patterns, which is a lot of work. Please only use them for personal use and do not distribute or share them anywhere. For more information and for the pattern schedule, please read the introductory post.  

Information on how to obtain the old patterns is also in the introductory post.


My blocks for this quilt –


 Now I can’t wait to make my very own Patronus quilt with these blocks.



Hermione’s Bookshelf and Hedwig


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Weasley Box and the Deluminator


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Time Turner and Crookshanks


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Cornish Pixie and Singing Mandrake


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Spectrespecs and Flame And Flowers


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Lumos Solem and Pigwidgeon


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies




Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

The knights



Sharing your work

If you are on Facebook, you can join the group Pictures With Paper Piecing and share your blocks there.

You can also share them on this Flickr group.


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies
Introductory post with information and dates



Next month is a break month, make sure to check back in July for the final blocks of the layout.



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