Greek Letters Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

I have been happily and steadily working away on my beloved The Greekness quilt – a quilt made up of all 24 Greek letters.  They are growing faster than I expected, which is a wonderful feeling.  Since the quilt patterns for these Greek letters were already written a couple of years ago, all I am having to do now is just sew the blocks.  I have been finishing two blocks together in one sitting.  Working with only two colours helps a lot too.  Less colour switching equals less mistakes.

Greek Letters Gamma, Delta, Epsilon Quilt Pattern

 Gamma, Delta, Eplison


Greek Letters Zeta, Eta, Theta Quilt Pattern

 Zeta, Eta, Theta

Only Zeta was a little harder than the rest in this bunch of six letters.  The rest was quite easy.  All the Greek Letter quilt patterns are individually available on my Craftsy shop.  I also have the set available on Craftsy and Etsy.

Live Long And Prosper YarnNow that I have finished this set of six Greek letters, I started knitting a new sweater for my husband with this gorgeous bronze and brown variegated yarn on the left.  I learned short row for this one, another skill in my toolbox.  With all these shades of brown, a splash of colour was needed for balance.  I didn’t knit at the time when Lorna’s Laces originally came out with the Live Long And Prosper yarn for the first time.  They recently remade a limited batch of this yarn with the sad passing away of Mr. Leonard Nimoy.  I received my pre-ordered yarn this week and can’t wait to start making a pair of mitts with this one.

Happy WIP-ing,