Rainbow Star Wall Hanging

I recently found out about the Blogger’s Quilt Festival :: Spring 2013 at Amy’s Creative Side.   I noticed there is a Wall Hanging category and I decided to enter the Rainbow Star in that one; this is my second entry in the quilt festival.

If you are a current reader of my blog, you have seen this one being made and quilted in the past.  I will recapture the moments for the new visitors from the Blogger’s Festival.

I love making paper piecing patterns.  Every time I get an idea in my head, I can’t wait to draw it, draft the pattern, pick out the perfect colored fabrics and stitch it.  I used three 10″ paper pieced blocks of my own design to make this wall hanging.   I used white for the background and gray for the borders so that they would not steal focus away from the colors of the blocks.  I echo quilted the blocks and used straight line quilting for the borders.  The finished size of the wall hanging with the borders is 37″ x 14″.

starlight converging paper piecing pattern

Starlight Converging

It all started with this block called Starlight Converging to represent the birth of a star.  This was going to be the only block I was going to make – a small 10″x10″ wall hanging.

This block was put aside for a week or so because I was trying to figure out how I was going to quilt this piece.  In the meantime, I was reading a astronomy paper on stars and I thought it would be wonderful to create two more blocks to further represent stellar evolution.

A New Star - Paper Piecing Rainbow Pattern

A New Star

Starlight Diverging - Paper Piecing Pattern

Starlight Diverging

Because I occasionally draw/paint, I wanted to make a color wheel wall hanging one day.  These blocks presented a perfect opportunity to use rainbow colors or color wheel colors to represent the visible light spectrum.  This wall hanging was my take on merging two of my passions together – art and science.

Since publishing this post, I got a few emails and comments about links to these patterns.  All of these star quilt patterns are available individually, or as a collection on Craftsy and Etsy.  Thank you so much!!

Please visit my other entry Geese Around The Sun in the ROYGBIV Quilt category.  Thank you so much for visiting again and please come back to visit me any time you like!  Enjoy rest of the festival, it’s really a wonderful one!