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Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along – Chapter 8

  Welcome to the Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along.  Thank you for the wonderful comments and for the donations to my favourite charity.  Today I get to share the final block of this quilt along with you, but before that I want to remind you to check back on the last Thursday of July.  On that day, I will share the layout along with the extra blocks that are needed to.. Read More


    One of the recent weekends was full of wonderful moments of happenstance.  The weekend started with visiting an exhibition called Monet: The Early Years at one of the museums in San Francisco.   Earlier in the month, I had mentioned it to my husband.  Knowing how much I adore the Impressionist painters, he got us tickets for the event.  A couple of weeks ago we were there on Saturday.. Read More

Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along – Chapter 7

Welcome to the Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along.   Many Thanks to those of you who wrote such lovely comments, and to those of you who donated money to my favourite charity.  The break month in March gave me an opportunity to catch up, I hope it was the same for you too.  We are almost reaching the end.  After these two patterns, I have one more to share with you,.. Read More

Of Flowers And Trees

  Lately it has been wet around here and my plans for planting our now fairly bare garden have been stagnant.  In the meantime, I moved on to working on a little indoor flower project.  This is another one of those long-forgotten quilts.  I designed my favourite flower quilt patterns in the style of stained glass window panels.  As I was drawing the flowers, they took on shapes of mineral crystals.  Since I.. Read More