Apple Cider - Fall/Autumn Paper Piecing Pattern

A Refreshing Drink quilt pattern is available on my Craftsy and Etsy store.

Recently I joined a swap group with a bunch of lovely and talented people.  Everyone in the group makes 12 blocks concerning the theme of that month.  This month is about fall.  I thought about how much I love the color of apple cider in a cup and the smell or cinnamon and cloves.  So, this is the Apple Cider quilt pattern I designed for the swap group.

It’s a fairly easy quilt block to make.  You can change out the color of the drink and the garnish to adapt this block for other drinks like lemonade, orange drink, etc.  You can also add a little detail by sewing the skin of the fruit and adding the upper outline of the glass.  A light blue fabric would also work very well for the glass.  I hope you enjoy the pattern!