I create with camera, pencils, paint, fabric, yarn, music… well, you get the general idea.  I have been creating all my life. My love for creativity and science are driven by the same passion. I have always found art to be a venue to channel my emotions and have always used art to find focus.

I started drawing and designing patterns couple of years ago and never looked back. I love making patterns because it is like solving a puzzle. I love creating intricate patterns because of the details it adds to the project.


Other things I love:

Arts: photography, painting, music-playing, soap-making
Science: astronomy and geology
Toys: lego
Computer: programming

Whims and Fancies started because of Pixie.  She is my glamorous but playful and whimsical girl with a magic nose.

Pixie Maine Coon Girl

Pixie Maine Coon Girl