As a child, I was mesmerized by the world of ink and paper, which turned into a lifelong passion for art. Life inspires my art.  I have always found art to be a venue to channel my emotions and have always used art to find focus.  As an eternal lover of stories, it is important for me to have a background story to the art I am creating. 

I try to tell tales using melody and dynamics while playing my violin, guitar and piano.

I deeply love science, specially astronomy. When it is dark outside and I am not in the midst of an ink-and-paper adventure, I am most probably playing with my telescopes, catching starlight.

I feel at home in nature, looking for small hidden surprises and geological clues while hiking along trails.

I am most joyous when I am travelling, learning new culture and tasting new food while seeing new scenery and experiencing the world.

All these different interests and venues fuel and inspire my art.

My camera and I are inseparable. Photography is a passion. I see the world through the lens and capture it all. I use it for journalling and for creativity, capturing the abundance of colour and movement around me. 

I became an art quilt pattern designer so I could paint with fabric by creating pictorial quilts. I love making patterns because it is like solving a puzzle. I love creating intricate patterns because of the details it adds to the project. 

I have been painting ever since I was a child.  I love to paint with watercolour the most, but I let the subject of the painting dictate the media.


Whims and Fancies started because of Pixie.  She is my glamorous but playful and whimsical girl with a magic nose.


Pixie Maine Coon Girl

Pixie Maine Coon Girl